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7 days ago Amir WilfVagrant deploy works
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2015-01-11 Tom HughesUpdate old changesets to subscribe the creator
2015-01-11 Tom HughesRemove some (hopefully) redundant code
2015-01-11 Tom HughesDon't try and match xmlns as an attribute
2015-01-11 Tom HughesSet default formats in the database now that rails...
2015-01-11 Tom HughesUpdated for changes in rails HTML testing
2015-01-11 Tom HughesReplace deprecated reset method with restore method
2015-01-11 Tom HughesReplace deprecated deliver method with deliver_now
2015-01-11 Tom HughesCleanup migrations
2015-01-10 Tom HughesUpdate to rails 4.2.0
2015-01-10 Tom HughesFix invalid CSS selectors
2015-01-10 Tom HughesRestore removal of div and style elements when sanitizi...
2015-01-10 Tom HughesFix login tests to check whether logins succeed/fail...
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