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3 hours ago Tom HughesDon't preload the nodes as it seems to break the ordering master live
3 days ago Tom HughesRevert "Fix off-by-one error in user notes list"
3 days ago Tom HughesUse autoprefixer to generate CSS prefixes
3 days ago Tom HughesPrecompile iD locales
3 days ago John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.5.3
3 days ago Tom HughesMore modernisations for the statistics script
3 days ago Tom HughesModernise statistics script to work with rails 4.1
4 days ago Toby MurrayFix off-by-one error in user notes list
4 days ago Florian M.... Let test_note_event pass in timezones other than +00:00
4 days ago Sunah SuhRemove myopenid from openid providers
5 days ago Tom HughesFix error resolving relation parents
6 days ago Tom HughesForce the path to be treated as UTF-8
8 days ago Tom HughesUpdate bundle
8 days ago Tom HughesMerge branch 'rails41'
8 days ago Florian M.... Added tests for wikidata links in the browse helper
8 days ago Florian M.... Added wikidata links to the browse helper
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