descriptionThe "map" api call for the OpenStreetMap web site
ownerGrant Slater
last changeMon, 10 Apr 2017 11:19:20 +0000 (12:19 +0100)
2017-04-10 Matt AmosBump version to 0.6.0 for release. master
2017-04-10 Matt AmosMerge pull request #137 from zerebubuth/changeset-downloads
2017-03-19 Matt AmosUpdate README to reflect new API calls and update ...
2017-03-19 Matt AmosAdd test for redacted elements of changeset downloads.
2017-03-19 Matt AmosAdd relations test.
2017-03-19 Matt AmosAdd ways test. Fix bug in read-only selection.
2017-03-19 Matt AmosAdd first test for changeset downloads for APIDB.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd cases for missing or empty changesets.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd test cases for redaction.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosSwitch redacted versions in existing test to all use...
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd test case for change sort order.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd relation test case.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd test for deleted item.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd some way tests.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosAdd a test case for a non-current node.
2017-03-13 Matt AmosImplement selection by changeset for static XML backend.
2 years ago master