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dulcy: switch to postgresql 12
[chef.git] / roles / dulcy.rb
2020-01-10 Sarah Hoffmanndulcy: switch to postgresql 12
2020-01-10 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in import mode
2019-04-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/225'
2019-04-03 Tom HughesUse a udev rule to enable request merging for NVME...
2018-08-19 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy back into production mode
2018-08-17 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in import mode
2018-08-17 Sarah Hoffmannmove dulcy to postgresql 10 and postgis 2.4
2018-08-10 Sarah Hoffmannpummelzacken: update to postges 10 and pyosmium as...
2018-07-25 Tom HughesCorrect internal address for dulcy
2018-07-25 Tom HughesUpdate upstream role for Amsterdam machines
2018-07-25 Tom HughesUpdate network configuration for Amsterdam
2018-07-23 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for move from Imperial to Amsterdam
2017-10-26 Sarah Hoffmannrevert all fpm pool settings for dulcy
2017-10-25 Sarah Hoffmanndulcy: reduce fpm pool sizes a bit
2017-10-19 Sarah Hoffmannincrease fpm pool sizes on dulcy
2017-10-01 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy back in update mode
2017-09-29 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in import mode
2017-09-16 Sarah Hoffmanndisable automatic git updates on dulcy
2017-07-11 Tom HughesFix new rubocop warnings
2017-06-06 Sarah Hoffmannreenable fsync on dulcy and increse parallel io
2017-06-06 Sarah Hoffmannreenable git updates on dulcy
2017-06-03 Sarah Hoffmannuse postgres 9.6 on dulcy
2017-04-13 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: disable automatic code updates on dulcy
2016-10-14 Sarah Hoffmanndisable nominatim backups
2016-10-03 Sarah Hoffmannrename nominatim-base role to nominatim
2016-10-02 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in production mode and enable backups
2016-10-02 Sarah Hoffmannreanble fsync on dulcy
2016-09-30 Sarah Hoffmanndisable postgres fsync on dulcy
2016-09-30 Sarah Hoffmannupdate dulcy to cmake-based nominatim role
2016-09-30 Tom HughesSwitch dulcy to postgis 2.3
2016-09-30 Tom HughesFix php requires and reapply nominatim role to dulcy
2016-09-30 Tom HughesRemove nominatim role from dulcy temporarily
2016-09-30 Tom HughesSwitch dulcy to use postgres 9.5
2016-07-17 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: add separate fpm-pool for details
2016-05-23 Tom HughesEnable request merging for NVMe devices
2016-05-17 Tom HughesPush postgresql version selection down to nodes for...
2016-03-30 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: make log dir configurable and move it to...
2016-01-18 Sarah Hoffmannreduce shared buffers on all nominatim servers
2016-01-07 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy db in update mode
2015-12-22 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in import mode
2015-12-22 Tom HughesApply nominatim-standalone role to dulcy
2015-11-26 Tom HughesAdd internal interface details for dulcy
2015-11-26 Tom HughesAdd role for dulcy