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Increase alerting threshold for CPU pressure
[chef.git] / cookbooks / prometheus / templates / default / alert_rules.yml.erb
2022-05-21 Tom HughesIncrease alerting threshold for CPU pressure
2022-05-19 Tom HughesAdd an alert for chef not running for an extended time
2022-05-19 Tom HughesOnly alert for failed chef-client services if they...
2022-02-24 Tom HughesAdd alert for job processing rate
2021-12-22 Tom HughesAdd alert for high error rates on fastly
2021-12-01 Tom HughesAdd alert for mailman queue length
2021-11-25 Tom HughesAdd an alert for the mail queue
2021-11-21 Tom HughesCorrect alert name
2021-11-21 Tom HughesUse correct metric for CPU pressure
2021-11-21 Tom HughesCorrect annotation for pressure alerts
2021-11-21 Tom HughesAdd some more alerts
2021-11-18 Tom HughesIgnore 509 bandwidth limit errors when computing error...
2021-11-17 Tom HughesAdd alerts for planet dumps and replication feeds
2021-11-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/465'
2021-11-16 Tom HughesAdd alert rules for degraded mdadm arrays and API error...
2021-11-15 Tom HughesAdd alert for failed services
2021-11-14 Tom HughesAdd alerts for filesystems low on space
2021-11-14 Tom HughesAdd some SMART alert rules
2021-03-08 Tom HughesAdd alert for IPMI power sensors
2021-02-28 Tom HughesAdd some additional prometheus alerts
2021-02-16 Tom HughesAdd additional alerting rules
2021-02-15 Tom HughesAdd some more prometheus alerts
2021-01-26 Tom HughesImprove alert readability
2021-01-26 Tom HughesAdd some additional alert rules
2021-01-24 Tom HughesAdd some alert rules for prometheus