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imagery: try harder to find a working fastcgi socket
[chef.git] / cookbooks / imagery / templates / default / nginx_imagery_layer_fragment.conf.erb
2018-12-21 Grant Slaterimagery: try harder to find a working fastcgi socket
2018-12-19 Grant Slaterimagery: ignore client about fastcgi side
2018-09-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/183'
2018-09-07 Grant Slaterimagery: add backend retry upstream logic
2018-09-07 Grant Slaterimagery: better fastcgi handling
2018-09-05 Grant Slaterimagery: move service from layer to site
2016-07-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/74'
2016-07-21 Grant Slaterimagery: increase timeout
2016-07-21 Grant Slaterimagery: increase cache lock
2016-07-21 Grant Slaterimagery: increase timeout while overviews STILL generate
2016-07-18 Grant Slaterimagery: drop HTTP_PROXY in fastcgi req
2016-06-11 Grant Slaterimagery: force only GET requests to mapserver
2016-06-11 Grant Slaterimagery: do not cache mapserver errors
2016-06-03 Grant Slaterimagery: add CORS Access-Control-Allow-Origin header
2016-06-01 Grant Slaterimagery: allow client caching of tiles
2016-06-01 Grant Slaterimagery: increase nginx cache size
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterImagery: add cache busting revision number
2016-05-29 Grant Slaterimagery: use fastcgi_cache_use_stale supported only
2016-05-29 Grant Slaterimagery: tune nginx fastcgi cache params
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterFix nginx cache zone in imagery
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterAdd nginx caching support + enable for imagery
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - nginx performance fixes
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - restart nginx on fragment change
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - Fix url_aliases
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - add url alias support
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - add root layer support
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - fix mapserver map path
2016-01-31 GrantMerge pull request #50 from Firefishy/add-imagery
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - Add note about overriding QUERY_STRING
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - nginx layer fragments