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Update IP address for gorynych
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2017-01-10 Tom HughesUpdate IP address for gorynych
2016-02-23 Tom HughesRemove fume and provision geodns on ridgeback
2015-11-19 Tom HughesConfigure IPv6 address for Russian tile cache
2015-03-14 Tom HughesIncrease smart warning threshold for SSDs on gorynych
2015-02-04 Tom HughesUpdate cache peer lists
2014-08-18 Grant SlaterTilecache: Increase cache lists
2014-07-16 Grant Slatermd: sync_speed_min at minimum, sync_speed_max to reason...
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertilecache: add best peers to each cache (based on avg...
2013-08-11 Tom HughesSwitch remaining caches to use render.openstreetmap.org
2013-08-06 Grant SlaterTile caches: switch back to default parent (now orm)
2013-08-05 Grant Slatergorynych: Tune md sync performance so as not to kill...
2013-08-03 Grant SlaterRevert "Tile: switch bunyip, fume, gorynych, jakelong...
2013-08-02 Grant SlaterTile: switch bunyip, fume, gorynych, jakelong, lurien...
2013-07-26 Grant SlaterTile: move gorynych to orm
2013-07-26 Grant SlaterRevert "Tile: move gorynych to orm"
2013-07-26 Grant SlaterTile: move gorynych to orm
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository