Remove garbage /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup file
[chef.git] / roles /
2019-05-31 Tom HughesTune scheduler on tile caches
2019-05-30 Grant Slatertilecache: Remove USA peers from NZ caches
2019-05-30 Tom HughesAdd role for toothless
2019-05-30 Tom HughesConfigure shared TCP fastopen keys for tile and www
2019-05-30 Grant Slatertilecache: remove ridgeback as peer from culebre
2019-05-30 Grant Slatertilecache: remove necrosan from peers as IO overloaded
2019-05-29 Grant Slatertilecache: some cleanup of peers (removing overloaded)
2019-05-28 Grant SlaterRemove necrosan from tilecache peers
2019-05-21 Tom HughesConfigure bowser as a render server
2019-05-20 Tom HughesConfigure fume as a tile cache
2019-05-18 Tom HughesAdd role for fume
2019-05-17 Tom HughesUse standard MTU for bowser
2019-05-17 Tom HughesAdd AARNet remote hands accounts
2019-05-17 Tom HughesSet correct default gateway for bowser
2019-05-13 Tom HughesUpdate network interface name for longma
2019-05-09 Tom HughesAdd role for bowser
2019-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate IP address for tuatara
2019-05-02 Grant Slatertilecache: increase connection tracking limit
2019-05-02 Grant SlaterMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/234'
2019-04-28 Tom HughesReduce squid cache memory limit on saphira
2019-04-08 Tom HughesRemove wiki role from ouroboros
2019-04-05 Tom HughesSend incoming mail to the new frontends
2019-04-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/225'
2019-04-03 Tom HughesUse a udev rule to enable request merging for NVME...
2019-04-03 Tom HughesConfigure odin as a tile server
2019-04-03 Tom HughesEnable NVME request merging on odin
2019-04-03 Tom HughesAdd role for odin
2019-04-02 Tom HughesRemove brightbox-ruby-ng from sources on shenron
2019-04-01 Tom HughesMake exim trust the rails users on all web machines
2019-03-31 Tom HughesAdd wiki role to tabaluga
2019-03-31 Tom HughesRemove redundant config for disabling IPv6 autoconf
2019-03-31 Tom HughesRemove web-frontend role from spike-{01,02,03}
2019-03-29 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2019-03-29 Tom HughesMove web-statistics and web-cleanup roles to spike-06
2019-03-29 Tom HughesDon't try and tune the ondemand governor on machines...
2019-03-28 Tom HughesConfigure spike-{06,07,08} as web frontends
2019-03-28 Tom HughesAdd role for tabaluga
2019-03-28 Tom HughesStart job processes for the traces queue on primary...
2019-03-27 Tom HughesSwitch to using chrony for time synchronisation
2019-03-27 Tom HughesRemove unused role
2019-03-27 Tom HughesFix munin alert thresholds for G9 machines
2019-03-27 Tom HughesAdd roles for spike-{06,07,08}
2019-03-21 Tom HughesMake systemd-resolved the default
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable systemd-resolved on ridley
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable systemd-resolved on eustace
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for remaining servers
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for American tile caches
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for some european tile caches
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for German tile caches
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for French tile caches
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for Scandinavian tile caches
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for NZ tile caches
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for various miscellaneous machines
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for all Equinix machines
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for all Bytemark machines
2019-03-19 Tom HughesEnable netplan for all UCL machines
2019-03-19 Tom HughesEnable netplan support on eustace
2019-03-18 Tom HughesMake fafnir and nidhogg use a shared render server
2019-03-18 Tom HughesMake maswan an admin on umu machines
2019-03-18 Tom HughesAdd role for fafnir
2019-03-18 Tom HughesRemove firewall special casing for boitata
2019-03-18 Tom HughesAdd boitata as a peer for cherufe
2019-03-16 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.20.0
2019-03-15 Tom HughesManage c3sl remote hands account
2019-03-15 Tom HughesDisable unsupported firewall features on boitata
2019-03-15 Tom HughesAdd role for boitata
2019-03-11 Tom HughesGive Stereo admin access to the CRM machine
2019-03-11 Tom HughesGive Stereo access to chef git
2019-03-08 Tom HughesSwitch URLs to osmdata.openstreet...
2019-03-06 Tom HughesAdd local administrator accounts for lysator
2019-03-06 Tom HughesAdd role for nidhogg
2019-03-06 Grant Slatertilecache: increase local available port range
2019-03-06 Tom HughesUpdate location for waima
2019-03-05 Tom HughesAdd role for waima
2019-03-02 Tom HughesUse cgimap for
2019-02-26 Tom HughesRestrict SNMP access on HostedIN.NZ machines
2019-02-26 Grant SlaterAdd geodns role to chrysophylax
2019-02-26 Tom HughesCorrect memory limit for tuatara
2019-02-26 Tom HughesAdd asmith as admin on HostedIn.NZ machines
2019-02-26 Tom HughesEnable SNMP for HostedIn.NZ machines
2019-02-25 Tom HughesAdd role for tuatara
2019-02-21 Tom HughesAdd wiki instance for MWG
2019-02-20 Tom HughesCorrect interface name for vipertooth
2019-02-20 Tom HughesAdd role for vipertooth
2019-02-18 Tom HughesDrop
2019-02-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/219'
2019-02-16 Grant SlaterIncrease net.core.netdev_budget allowance
2019-02-16 Tom HughesFix rubocop warning
2019-02-16 Grant SlaterIncrease kernel udp buffers
2019-02-12 Tom HughesUpdate default routes for jakelong
2019-02-08 Tom HughesAdd IPV6 address for naga
2019-01-18 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.19.0
2019-01-14 Tom HughesAdd role for naga
2019-01-09 Tom HughesRemove geodns role from shenron
2019-01-07 Tom HughesCorrect locations for Hetzner machines
2019-01-07 Tom HughesAdd role for keizer
2019-01-07 Tom HughesRevert "Use a working IPv4 resolved for necrosan"
2019-01-07 Tom HughesDocument location of necrosan
2019-01-07 Tom HughesAllow snmp to necrosan
2019-01-07 Tom HughesUse a working IPv4 resolved for necrosan