Install ipmitool on machines with the ipmi_si module loaded
[chef.git] / roles / horntail.rb
2013-07-14 Tom HughesMove planet role to ironbelly
2013-07-14 Tom HughesRemove backup role from horntail
2013-07-12 Tom HughesMove log archiving and stats analysis to ironbelly
2013-07-11 Tom HughesMove web file storage to ironbelly
2013-07-11 Tom HughesMove supybot to ironbelly
2013-07-11 Tom HughesRemove the chef-server and chef-repository roles from...
2013-07-11 Tom HughesMove network gateway role from horntail to ironbelly
2013-07-01 Tom HughesBring supybot under chef control
2013-06-20 Tom HughesAdd a cookbook to configure the backup server
2013-06-20 Tom HughesBring the osmbackup account under chef control
2013-06-19 Tom HughesBring under chef control
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository