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Expect munin to use an IPv6 socket
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2020-02-14 Tom HughesAdd test for memcached cookbook
2020-02-14 Tom HughesAdd test for fail2ban cookbook
2020-02-14 Tom HughesMake fail2ban use the journal to monitor sshd
2020-02-14 Tom HughesAdd test for dhcpd cookbook
2020-02-13 Tom HughesImprove check for whether to run freshclam
2020-02-13 Tom HughesAdd basic tests for clamav, exim and spamassassin cookbooks
2020-02-13 Tom HughesAdd basic test for the ntp cookbook
2020-02-13 Tom HughesRemove any sysctl settings which are no longer required
2020-02-13 Tom HughesDisable sysctl comments for now
2020-02-13 Tom HughesUse the sysctl resource to manage sysctl settings
2020-02-13 Tom HughesFix some cookstyle warnings
2020-02-12 Tom HughesAllow retrying of apache service actions
2020-02-12 Tom HughesMake sure the Passwd ohai plugin is enabled
2020-02-11 Tom HughesUnmount any bind mount that is hiding /etc/resolv.conf
2020-02-11 Tom HughesMake sure resolv.conf is using the systemd-resolved...
2020-02-11 Tom HughesRestart systemd-resolved immediately if the configurati...
2020-02-11 Tom HughesInstall libdatetime-perl for OTRS
2020-02-11 Tom HughesDrop attempt to run otrs.RebuildConfig.pl
2020-02-11 Tom HughesMake sure a full set of locales are installed
2020-02-11 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.13.2
2020-02-10 Tom HughesMake sure g++ is installed for the blogs cookbook
2020-02-10 Tom HughesUse bundler 1.x for the blogs cookbook
2020-02-09 Tom HughesImprove name generations for ssh_known_hosts
2020-02-08 Tom HughesInclude sshfp on DNS management host
2020-02-08 Tom HughesRevert "Generate a DNS include file for SSHFP records"
2020-02-08 Tom HughesGenerate a DNS include file for SSHFP records
2020-02-08 Tom HughesDisable dnscontrol installation until a new version...
2020-02-07 Tom HughesInstall dnscontrol and API credentials on DNS managemen...
2020-02-05 Grant Slaterplanet: increase bandwidth cap
2020-02-05 Grant Slaterplanet: run mirror redirect more often, fix minor escap...
2020-02-05 GrantMerge pull request #265 from mmd-osm/patch/planet_redirect
2020-02-05 mmd-osmPlanet redirect: add pbf+full history
2020-02-02 Grant Slatertilecache: increases cache size (where available)
2020-02-02 Grant Slatertilecache: nginx cache more layers
2020-02-02 Grant Slatersystemd: add dropin support for exec actions
2020-01-31 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/263'
2020-01-31 polarbearingImprove wording when not to use this form
2020-01-31 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim now needs python3-psycopg2
2020-01-29 Tom HughesSwitch MTA-STS policy to enforce mode
2020-01-28 Tom HughesRestrict MTA-STS to the MX domains
2020-01-28 Tom HughesAllow access to MTA-STS policy files
2020-01-28 Tom HughesSet directory for MTA-STS policy files
2020-01-28 Tom HughesPublish MTA-STS policy for mail domains
2020-01-26 Grant Slaterplanet: move rate limit banner to page top
2020-01-26 Grant Slaterplanet: add message to correct header
2020-01-26 Grant Slaterplanet: Add ratelimit header notice
2020-01-25 Grant Slatermediawiki: tune abusefilter limits. Fix #353
2020-01-19 Tom HughesAvoid overwrite prompts when unzipping
2020-01-19 Tom HughesQuote argument to prevent wildcard expansion
2020-01-19 Tom HughesUse chef cache directory instead of creating our own
2020-01-19 Tom HughesRemove redundant cleanup code
2020-01-19 Tom HughesRequire unzip for unpacking theme
2020-01-18 Grant Slatertilecache: Disable rate limiting tiles
2020-01-17 Tom HughesExpect /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup to be a link
2020-01-17 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 14.14.29
2020-01-17 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.13.1
2020-01-16 Tom HughesAvoid exception iterating a non-existent directory
2020-01-16 Tom HughesMake sure netplan is installed before trying to use it
2020-01-15 Tom HughesUpdate mediawiki public key
2020-01-15 Grant Slaterdevice: Fix QEMU udev
2020-01-13 Grant Slaterplanet: only rate limit files else apache segfault
2020-01-13 Grant Slaterplanet: Rate limit downloads to help fibre fault
2020-01-12 Guillaume RISCHARDMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.openstreetmap.org...
2020-01-12 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump civicrm
2020-01-08 Tom HughesBlackhole unreachable Google IPv6 blocks on equinix...
2020-01-08 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump civicrm
2020-01-07 Tom HughesDisable DNSSEC validation at equinix
2020-01-07 Grant Slaterdevice: fix scaling governor tuning typo
2020-01-06 Tom HughesConfigure path for GeoIP2 correctly
2020-01-06 Grant SlaterDevice: clean-up udev rules + additional SSD tuning
2020-01-05 Tom HughesFix new cookstyle warnings
2020-01-04 Grant Slatertilecache: use stale cache over 404
2020-01-04 Grant Slatertilecache: enable IPv6
2020-01-04 Grant Slatertilecache: switch port 80 traffic to nginx
2020-01-03 Grant Slaterimagery: nginx tweak for async stale background update
2020-01-03 Grant Slaterchrony: restart chrony on-failure
2020-01-03 Grant Slaterchrony: Enable hw timestamps if available
2020-01-03 Grant Slaterchrony: Add initstepslew + cloudflare/google fallback
2020-01-03 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: switch to full extratags style
2020-01-03 Tom HughesRemove squid upgrade logic
2020-01-01 Tom HughesConfigure path to GeoLite2 database for rails
2020-01-01 Tom HughesInstall GeoLite2 databases on rails machines
2020-01-01 Tom HughesDrop forced upgrade of geoipupdate
2020-01-01 Tom HughesUse MaxMind PPA for geoipupdate and configure account...
2020-01-01 Tom HughesForce upgrade of squid to 4.9 on tile caches
2019-12-26 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump civicrm mailchimp
2019-12-26 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump
2019-12-26 Guillaume RISCHARDCiviCRM version: take a step back to leap forward
2019-12-26 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump and uninstall stripe (unused)
2019-12-23 Grant Slatermunin: standard indenting in apache config (style only)
2019-12-23 Grant Slaterudev tune DELL PERC H710 scheduler
2019-12-12 Tom HughesReplace dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net with dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net
2019-12-09 Grant SlaterAdd use noop scheduler for OCZ-VERTEX3
2019-12-08 Grant Slaterstateofthemap: add reasonable expiry headers
2019-12-08 Grant Slaterswitch2osm: add expiry matching github pages
2019-12-08 Grant Slaterimagery: return cache status
2019-12-08 Grant Slaterimagery: backport nginx caching improvements
2019-12-08 Grant Slaterimagery: use nginx tcp_nopush default
2019-12-08 Grant Slatertilecache: use conditional validation upstream
2019-12-07 Grant Slatertilecache: proxy buffer large enough for full tile