Make sure tile cookbook only requests the required postgres version
[chef.git] / roles / rhaegal.rb
2020-03-25 Tom HughesMake sure tile cookbook only requests the required...
2020-02-20 Tom HughesAdd test for tile cookbook
2020-02-16 Tom HughesDefault to using the upstream repository for postgres
2020-01-06 Grant SlaterDevice: clean-up udev rules + additional SSD tuning
2019-11-14 Tom HughesIncrease CPU temperature warning thresholds on rhaegal
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable netplan for remaining servers
2019-03-20 Tom HughesEnable netplan for various miscellaneous machines
2018-07-26 Tom HughesAdd support for monitoring hosts behind NAT
2018-07-22 Tom HughesEnable postgresql apt source on rhaegal
2018-07-22 Tom HughesUse postgis 2.4 on rhaegal
2018-07-22 Tom HughesConfigure rhaegal as a tile server
2018-07-20 Tom HughesRevert "Add hosting credit for rhaegal"
2018-07-20 Tom HughesAdd hosting credit for rhaegal
2018-07-20 Tom HughesManage mmiler account on rhaegal
2018-07-20 Tom HughesAdd role for rhaegal