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Use bytemark memcached servers
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2017-01-06 Tom HughesUse bytemark memcached servers
2016-06-30 Tom HughesMove read load for IC machines to ramoth
2016-05-08 Tom HughesMake web servers at Bytemark use grisu as the fileserver
2016-05-07 Tom HughesUpdate DNS search domains for Bytemark machines
2016-05-07 Tom HughesMake web frontends use backends in the same location
2016-05-06 Tom HughesAdd roles for spike-0[45] and thorn-0[45]
2016-01-29 Tom HughesAdd more location and hosting information
2015-02-03 Tom HughesYet more rubucop cleanups
2014-07-22 Grant SlaterBM: Switch to Google Public DNS until long replies...
2014-07-21 Tom HughesReverse order of Bytemark nameservers
2014-04-15 Grant SlaterBracket/Literal the IPv6 nameserver addresses
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository