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[chef.git] / roles / dev.rb
2015-12-21 Tom HughesAdd experimental locale selector site
2015-12-07 Tom HughesDefault to ruby 2.1 for passenger applications
2015-10-23 Tom HughesRemove duplicate hash entry
2015-07-11 Tom HughesGive Ethan Nelson a dev account
2015-06-13 Tom HughesAdd test site for moderation queue work
2015-02-20 Tom HughesSwitch dev to use ruby 2.1 for passenger
2015-02-16 Tom HughesDrop routing test sites
2015-02-03 Tom HughesYet more rubucop cleanups
2015-02-02 Tom HughesRemove trailing whitespace in ruby code
2015-01-20 Tom HughesMake the owl test site track the owl-activity-tab branch
2015-01-18 Tom HughesRevert "Add rails42 test site"
2015-01-17 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'zerebubuth/add-tile-log...
2015-01-11 Tom HughesAdd rails42 test site
2015-01-02 Tom HughesAdd
2014-12-16 Tom HughesRemove mapnik-v210 and ubuntugis-unstable repos from dev
2014-11-07 Tom HughesDrop some old dev sites
2014-10-28 Tom HughesManage postgres 9.3 on the dev server
2014-08-03 Tom HughesChange to pull form the changeset_comments...
2014-07-25 Tom HughesDrop rails41 dev site
2014-07-08 Tom HughesRemove hacks added to support passenger 4 upgrade
2014-07-07 Tom HughesSwich errol to use passenger 4
2014-07-04 Tom HughesAdd
2014-06-02 Tom HughesAdd
2014-05-05 Tom HughesAdd a dev account for Manuel Hohmann
2014-04-25 Tom HughesAdd
2014-03-09 Tom HughesAdd
2014-02-10 Tom HughesMove passenger configuration to a separate cookbook
2014-01-21 Tom HughesAdd
2013-12-03 Tom HughesDrop
2013-12-03 Tom HughesDrop
2013-10-13 Tom HughesDrop ubuntugis-unstable on dev
2013-10-01 Tom HughesDrop rails4.apis and add redesign.apis
2013-08-23 Tom HughesAdd
2013-08-23 Tom HughesDrop
2013-08-18 Tom HughesDrop
2013-08-14 Tom HughesAdd
2013-08-07 Tom HughesGive Dražen Odobašić a dev server account
2013-08-06 Tom HughesAdd
2013-08-06 Tom HughesDrop
2013-08-05 Tom HughesRemove
2013-07-29 Tom HughesAdd
2013-07-17 Tom HughesAdd
2013-07-15 Tom HughesAdd
2013-07-09 Tom HughesAdd
2013-07-08 Tom HughesDrop
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository