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descriptionOpenStreetMap DNS
ownerTom Hughes
last changeMon, 26 Sep 2022 16:16:47 +0000 (17:16 +0100)
8 days ago Tom HughesRevert "Switch IPv4 reverse to use RFC2317 style delega... master
8 days ago Tom HughesSwitch IPv4 reverse to use RFC2317 style delegation
8 days ago Grant SlaterAdd PTR records for Equinix DUB (naive implementation)
9 days ago Grant SlaterCorrect faffy to AMS (not DUB)
9 days ago Tom HughesAdd faffy to DNS
9 days ago Tom HughesAdd fafnir to SPF records
2022-09-20 Tom HughesRun check for preview, but not for update
2022-09-20 Grant SlaterRemove noisy check for now (as polluting cron)
2022-09-20 Grant SlaterAllow dnscontrol to update gandi. Add check step
2022-09-19 Grant SlaterAdd hardware.osmf alias
2022-09-16 Grant SlaterAdd preview.ideditor.com
2022-09-13 Tom HughesRevert "Disable IPv6 for the nominatim server at OSUOSL"
2022-09-07 Grant SlaterUse github pages for ideditor
2022-09-07 Grant SlaterAdd SSHFP records to osm.org too
2022-09-07 Grant SlaterDockerfile run check by default. Add arm64 support
2022-09-07 Grant SlaterAdd check to Makefile
8 days ago master