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Add donated domain: openworldmap.org
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2012-09-05 Grant SlaterAdd donated domain: openworldmap.org
2012-05-17 Tom HughesAdd an update target to publish built zones
2012-05-13 Grant SlaterAdd DNS for switch2osm.[org|com]
2012-04-23 Grant SlaterAdd OpenGeoData.org
2012-03-04 Tom HughesFix KML build rule
2012-03-04 Tom HughesRedirect tile queries for all domains through geo.opens...
2012-01-04 Grant SlaterAdd domain: openmaps.org
2011-12-31 Grant SlaterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.openstreetmap.org...
2011-12-31 Grant SlaterAdd domain: openmaps.org
2011-10-12 Tom HughesAdd infrastructure for geodns mappings
2011-04-28 Tom HughesReorganise DNS files to get rid of duplication and...