descriptionGPX Importer
ownerTom Hughes
last changeFri, 13 May 2016 13:49:37 +0000 (14:49 +0100)
2016-05-13 Tom HughesLink with libm master live
2016-05-13 Tom HughesCorrect type of zlib file handle
2016-05-13 Tom HughesRemove use of deprecated libarchive API functions
2016-05-13 Tom HughesModernise compiler flags
2012-10-01 Tom HughesReduce the user's trace count when a trace is deleted
2012-08-22 Tom HughesFix reversed condition
2012-08-22 Tom HughesReset the connection to Postgres on a 57P01 admin_shutd...
2012-08-22 Tom HughesLog SQLSTATE code for errors
2012-08-22 Tom HughesRefactor code to do all statement execution in one...
2012-07-05 Tom HughesSend GPX notifications from
2012-05-01 Tom HughesAdd LDFLAGS to the end of the command line
2011-09-09 Tom HughesClean up URL encoding and remove unused code
2011-09-09 Graham JonesEncode username when using it in a URL
2011-09-09 Graham JonesAdded missing dependency
2011-09-09 Tom HughesDon't reuse varargs pointers
2011-08-03 Tom HughesMake log rotation quieter
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5 years ago master