Turn on compiler warnings
[planetdump.git] / output_osm.c
2013-02-14 Tom HughesCorrect use of PRId64
2013-02-14 Tom HughesUse 64 bit integers for object ID values
2012-09-11 Grant SlaterMove planet.osm license comment to proper XML attribute...
2012-09-11 Grant SlaterModify planet.osm header to link to ODbL 1.0
2012-08-17 Grant SlaterFix typo in license link
2010-11-11 Matt AmosAdded XML comment containing copyright, license and...
2010-03-11 Jon Burgessremove invalid characters <32 from XML output
2009-12-21 Frederik Rammadd num_changes to changeset dump. unsure whether this...
2009-10-08 Frederik Rammxml-escape relation roles
2009-05-08 Matt AmosAdded support for dumping changesets in the planet...
2009-04-24 Frederik Rammlowercase relation member types on output.
2009-04-22 Matt AmosPlanet dumper for 0.6 postgres DBs.