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Fixed Stuff
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2010-08-31 Richard FairhurstFixed Stuff
2010-03-30 Richard Fairhurstfix halcyon_viewer redraw post-refactoring
2009-10-09 Richard Fairhurstadd more ways to control the viewer from JavaScript
2009-09-20 Richard Fairhurstworking (though incomplete) 900913;
2009-09-04 Richard Fairhurstjust in case you want to, y'know, drag the map or something
2009-09-03 Richard FairhurstMapCSS in progress. Vast amounts still to do, but the...
2009-07-16 Richard FairhurstReinstate embedded fonts (we need them for the rotated...
2009-07-16 Richard FairhurstSeparate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target...