Add bike and pedestrian icons.
[potlatch2.git] / resources / map_features.xml
2010-09-07 Andy AllanAdd bike and pedestrian icons.
2010-09-07 Andy AllanAdd railway platform icon
2010-09-07 Andy AllanAdd icons for disused and abandoned railways
2010-09-07 Andy AllanUse existing icons for missing highway types. Move...
2010-09-07 Andy AllanRearrange categories to change the dnd panel ordering
2010-09-06 Richard FairhurstBig Concrete Blocks and friends
2010-09-06 Richard Fairhurstadd kissing gate
2010-09-06 Richard Fairhurstlift gate
2010-09-06 Richard Fairhursta few more icons
2010-09-06 Andy AllanRemove boat permissions from a dam (you can't sail...
2010-09-06 Andy Allangeneric barrier icons for lines
2010-09-06 Andy AllanAdd icons for power lines
2010-09-06 Andy AllanAdd default icons for the remaining pois
2010-09-06 Andy AllanAdd generic barrier icons and place icon to dnd panel
2010-09-06 Andy AllanAdd a blank icon for turning circles
2010-09-06 Andy AllanAdd generic water icon for all water features
2010-09-06 Andy AllanRemove duplicate reservoir entry
2010-09-06 Andy AllanImprove a few of the input selection fields; some attri...
2010-09-06 Andy AllanDemonstrate the withCategory option.
2010-09-06 Andy AllanRemove sports pitch from the dnd panel, it's usually...
2010-09-06 Andy AllanDocument, and fix, the withCategory presence option
2010-09-06 Andy AllanImprove map_features choice documentation, by checking...
2010-09-06 Andy Allantweak cycle routes - desaturate and lighten background...
2010-09-02 Serge WroclawskiAdding website box
2010-08-31 Richard FairhurstDon't let editor panels fuck up _factory.relationTags
2010-08-29 Dave Stubbsadd number spinner editor and remove excess boxes from...
2010-08-28 Dave Stubbsadd layer tag editing using a nice slider
2010-08-01 Steve BennettFix meadow.
2010-08-01 Steve BennettAdd agricultural landuse=* tags.
2010-07-29 Steve Bennettadd:
2010-07-29 Steve Bennettadd:
2010-07-28 Steve Bennett- add airports
2010-07-10 Richard Fairhurstsquish a couple of redraw bugs
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstoops
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstone or two icons
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstmore turn restriction stuff, and checkboxes, and a...
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurststart of turn restriction editor
2010-06-19 Jonathan BennettCorrected typo in map features
2010-05-18 Shaun McDonaldBunch of stuff including railway platforms, bridge...
2010-05-01 Jenny HerbertAdded police to map_fetures
2010-05-01 Jenny HerbertAdded icons and POIs to map features
2010-04-25 Shaun McDonaldPinching a bollard icon from JOSM. Made cattle gride...
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding a bunch of barriers. Spotted bug when POIs lack...
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding steps feature icon. Playing with steps rendering.
2010-03-24 Tom HughesAdd a few more map features.
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldAdding school feature. Adding building adressing to...
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldaddr:house was missing for the building name. Car Park...
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldAdding/sorting bank/atm
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldVarious features including, wifi for pubs, car parking...
2010-03-22 Shaun McDonaldAdding convenience shop and supermarket. Just copied...
2010-03-22 Shaun McDonaldAdding Fast Food Feature, some more cuisine options...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldCafe feature+add name for rendering. Cuisine set.
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldAdding cycle parking. I'll let someone improve on the...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldFix the offset of the pub name text in the rendering...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldAdding the operator tag to bus routes for the GUI.
2010-03-21 Dave Stubbsadd 'not found' cached image on failure
2010-03-13 Tom HughesAllow pubs to be given names.
2010-03-13 Andy AllanAdd pub to map_features
2010-01-10 Andy Allanminor additions to map features
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsadd browser help links for map features
2010-01-07 Dave Stubbsfix small relation issues
2009-12-29 Dave Stubbsinitial relation editing
2009-12-06 Andy AllanAdd subway rendering and bus stops to map_features
2009-12-03 Andy AllanDave explained what the 'line' tag was intended for...
2009-11-30 Andy AllanAdd poi preset for railway stations
2009-11-23 Andy AllanAdding icons to mapfeatures, and create a Karlsruhe...
2009-11-19 Andy AllanI've made zere cry with my l33t icons skillz
2009-09-11 Dave Stubbscategories of additional tags for roads
2009-09-10 Dave Stubbsfix some random bugs + do something a bit cooler with...
2009-09-07 Dave Stubbsfirst go at specialised tag editors
2009-08-12 Dave Stubbsfix some bugs in feature selector, and awesome stuff
2009-07-26 Dave Stubbsadd a feature selector to the simple view
2009-07-16 Richard FairhurstSeparate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target...