Removed executable flag from files which don't need it.
[potlatch2.git] / net / systemeD / potlatch2 / tools /
2010-11-13 Richard Fairhurstmake Toolbox act on multiple selections (and light...
2010-11-01 Richard Fairhurstparallelise fixes
2010-08-17 Andy AllanFix copy+paste error - this is simplify, not straighten
2010-07-25 Andy AllanMake Quadralaterawhatsit properly undoable
2010-06-11 Richard Fairhurstmake parallelise even moar awesome
2010-05-17 Richard Fairhurstparallelise
2010-05-14 Richard Fairhurstadd a Douglas-Peucker simplify action (currently access...
2010-05-01 Dave Stubbsadd undo for creating stuff
2010-04-21 Dave Stubbsfix circularise undo action (still doesn't undo adding...
2010-04-20 Dave Stubbsfirst stage of undo/redo functionality -- there are...
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstcircularise
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstremove redundant todraw
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstmight as well remove the debug lines too
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurststraighten ways
2010-01-10 Matt AmosFail. Should have access-qualified class constants.
2010-01-10 Matt AmosFirst version of quadrilateralise function for PL2...