Fix broken style-merging behaviour
[potlatch2.git] / net / systemeD / halcyon / styleparser /
2012-03-07 Richard FairhurstFix broken style-merging behaviour
2011-09-20 Grant SlaterMerge
2011-06-17 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'refactor'
2011-06-12 Richard FairhurstBetter support for MapCSS 0.2, including subparts
2010-11-07 Richard Fairhurstallow layers to be overridden in MapCSS; this means...
2010-09-02 Andy AllanFind and fix issues with fill colours being black and...
2010-03-28 Richard Fairhurstone-way arrows
2010-01-10 Richard Fairhurstwidth can be defined based on maximum width so far
2009-11-28 Richard Fairhurstfix :drawn
2009-10-09 Richard FairhurstVarious rendering/CSS parsing improvements. Tagged...
2009-09-04 Richard Fairhurstbitmap fills FTW
2009-09-04 Richard FairhurstPOIs, and relations, and stuff :)
2009-09-03 Richard FairhurstMapCSS in progress. Vast amounts still to do, but the...
2009-06-08 Richard FairhurstDraw multiple strokes, label POIs, and much much more...
2009-06-01 Richard FairhurstAdd sublayers (stacking order) for stroke drawing
2009-05-30 Richard Fairhurstit's the end of the world as we know it