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2012-03-05 Richard FairhurstImageBank->FileBank
2011-11-28 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/docs'
2011-11-28 Andy AllanRemove forbidden character from asdoc comment
2011-10-08 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterMerge
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstFix indentation
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #16 from gravitystorm/documentation
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into flex4
2011-09-20 Grant SlaterMerge
2011-09-16 Richard FairhurstAdd subcategories for map features.
2011-09-03 Richard FairhurstAdd the ability to group image assets into a .zip file...
2011-07-05 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/flex4' into...
2011-06-30 Andy AllanFix bizarre E4X failure
2011-06-20 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-06-17 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'refactor'
2011-05-27 Richard FairhurstMerge remote branch 'gravitystorm/relationrevert'
2011-05-27 Richard FairhurstMerge remote branch 'gravitystorm/relationmembers'
2011-05-27 Richard FairhurstMerge remote branch 'gravitystorm/autocompletekeys'
2011-05-22 Andy AllanUse the inputSets to add more autocomplete keys
2011-02-15 Andy AllanShow the description of the feature when hovering over...
2011-02-14 Andy AllanAdd an (optional) dnd property to icon elements to...
2011-02-12 Steve BennettADD support for non-drag-and-droppable point features...
2011-02-11 Steve BennettIMPROVE help icon functionality - if no help URL is...
2011-02-08 Steve BennettADD @vmatch attribute to <tag> element of feature in...
2011-02-08 Steve BennettADD map feature: ToyShop
2011-01-29 Richard Fairhurstrevert r25133 which was fouling up the tag panel
2011-01-24 Andy AllanAdd keys to Feature tags while parsing inputSets -...
2010-12-11 Steve BennettAdd some ASDoc comments to mapfeature-related classes...
2010-12-01 Andy AllanConvert k/v to string before storing them. Fixes #3357
2010-10-21 Andy AllanEnsure that all POIs have an icon, and that there's...
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurststart of turn restriction editor
2010-06-30 Richard Fairhurstcomplete arbitrary sublayer support; fix roundabout...
2010-06-11 Richard Fairhurstfun with tooltips
2010-02-28 Dave StubbsLoad map features images into cache rather than have...
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsadd browser help links for map features
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsfilter category selector by element type
2009-12-29 Dave Stubbsinitial relation editing
2009-09-11 Dave Stubbscategories of additional tags for roads
2009-09-10 Dave Stubbsfix some random bugs + do something a bit cooler with...
2009-09-07 Dave Stubbsfirst go at specialised tag editors
2009-08-12 Dave Stubbssplit potlatch2 into entirely different namespace