Add the freetext keys to the autocomplete list - now supports e.g. addr:housenumber
[potlatch2.git] / net / systemeD / potlatch2 / mapfeatures /
2011-05-27 Andy AllanAdd the freetext keys to the autocomplete list - now...
2011-05-22 Andy AllanUse the inputSets to add more autocomplete keys
2011-02-08 Steve BennettADD @vmatch attribute to <tag> element of feature in...
2011-01-24 Andy AllanClean confusing indentation
2011-01-09 Richard Fairhurstallow <feature>s to be grouped
2011-01-09 Richard Fairhurstpermit XML file nesting in map_features.xml
2010-12-13 Andy AllanMove bindable metadata to put it immediately adjacent...
2010-12-11 Steve BennettAdd some ASDoc comments to mapfeature-related classes...
2010-11-02 Richard Fairhurstseparate out TagGrid and do all the lovely autocomplete...
2010-09-06 Richard Fairhurstbasic AutoComplete component and sample support. Needs...
2010-08-31 Richard Fairhurstdisable caching when using Flash Debug Player
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurststart of turn restriction editor
2010-06-16 Richard FairhurstI _think_ this fixes the slow deselect bug. I think.
2010-02-28 Andy AllanDrag Drop icons loaded from map_features
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsfilter category selector by element type
2009-11-23 Andy AllanAvoid flashplayer caching, for now
2009-09-11 Dave Stubbscategories of additional tags for roads
2009-08-12 Dave Stubbssplit potlatch2 into entirely different namespace