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2013-08-20 Richard FairhurstPost changesets to Twitter
2013-04-08 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #66 from stevage/3869-broken-centroid
2012-10-21 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #83 from rnorris/patches
2012-10-06 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #64 from 1ec5/patch-2
2012-08-22 Richard FairhurstMake save icon less aggressive for the shrinking violet...
2012-08-15 Richard FairhurstWhere is it going?
2012-03-24 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into history
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/form-layout...
2011-11-28 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/docs'
2011-11-26 Andy AllanAdd lots of ids in order to permit translations.
2011-10-08 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterMerge
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstRestrict changeset comments to 255 characters
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #16 from gravitystorm/documentation
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into history
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into flex4
2011-09-20 Grant SlaterMerge
2011-08-26 Richard FairhurstFix compiler warnings
2011-07-05 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/flex4' into...
2011-06-29 Andy AllanNamespacing upgrade. Oh Adobe, how we love your outdate...
2011-06-29 Andy AllanAlter the remaining Application.application occurancies
2011-06-22 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into history
2011-06-17 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'refactor'
2011-06-11 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/snapshotserv...
2011-06-11 Richard FairhurstProvide a new 'View data' button in the upload dialogue.
2011-05-21 Richard FairhurstMore refactoring in progress
2011-05-21 Richard FairhurstRefactoring in progress
2011-05-07 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'loadrelation' into staging
2011-04-12 Antony PeggMerge branch 'master' into mapquest
2011-04-05 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-03 Andy AllanMerge commit '2.0' into history
2011-04-03 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into icons2
2011-04-03 Grant SlaterMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-03 Richard FairhurstDon't let empty comments through
2011-01-16 Richard FairhurstSaveDialog support for floating alerts
2010-12-18 Richard Fairhurstpressing Enter in the changeset comment field automatic...
2010-12-12 Richard Fairhursterror/conflict-handling work-in-progress
2010-12-11 Richard Fairhurststop control characters from being entered (works prope...
2010-12-11 Richard Fairhurstback out previous change... sigh
2010-12-10 Richard Fairhurstprevent control characters from getting into keys and...
2010-12-06 Richard Fairhurstmake it look purty
2010-12-04 Richard Fairhurstautomatically select comment TextField on clicking...
2010-11-03 Andy AllanUse build numbers in changeset tag, and also in help...
2010-09-02 Richard Fairhurstkeep changesets open throughout subsequent uploads...
2010-08-17 Andy AllanPrevent changes to created_by and version tags on chang...
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstfix save dialogue
2010-03-13 Thomas WoodRather than leaving the Submit button disabled, and...
2009-08-16 Dave StubbsOAuth support and the basics of diff uploading.