document + keypress
[potlatch2.git] / net / systemeD / potlatch2 / help / HelpDialog.mxml
2011-02-19 Richard Fairhurstdocument + keypress
2011-02-18 Andy AllanAdd BabelFx translation library, with two example trans...
2011-02-18 Richard Fairhurstembed tutorial video in help dialogue
2011-02-02 Steve BennettADD help text for 'follow' feature.
2011-01-16 Richard Fairhurstadd namespace for VideoPlayer
2011-01-13 Andy AllanDocument new Q shortcut
2010-12-11 Steve BennettOne more doco.
2010-12-06 Richard Fairhurstmake it look purty
2010-11-27 Richard Fairhurstpress '/' to cycle through overlapping ways
2010-11-16 Tom HughesMake the reference to the Potlatch2 Primer a link.
2010-11-14 Richard Fairhurstupdate help
2010-11-03 Andy AllanUse build numbers in changeset tag, and also in help...
2010-10-27 Andy AllanColour the links on the help pages, while dealing with...
2010-10-27 Andy AllanAdd target="_blank" to urls in the help dialog
2010-10-20 Andy AllanHelp text - how to bring up the DND panel again
2010-10-13 Andy AllanFinish the shortcuts panel, and make the buildGrid...
2010-10-13 Andy AllanMore shortcuts text, and better layout
2010-10-13 Andy AllanFirst stab at generating the keyboard shortcuts program...
2010-10-13 Andy AllanUpdated help text, with a few bugs squished. Thanks...
2010-09-16 Andy AllanAdd site_name parameter for customising help dialog...
2010-09-16 Andy AllanMove first help page into a grid layout
2010-09-16 Andy AllanFix spelling, and rearrange html on the first page...
2010-09-16 Andy AllanMore text for the help dialog
2010-09-16 Andy AllanMore work on help dialog
2010-09-16 Andy AllanFirst stab at improved help dialog
2010-09-15 Andy AllanAllow deployment control over showing the help dialog...
2010-06-11 Richard Fairhurstwe have an option!
2010-06-11 Richard Fairhursthelp stub
2009-12-03 Andy Allanrudimentary help and options dialog boxes