remove mx.controls.Alert dependency from halcyon_viewer - Flex should only be used...
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2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstone or two icons
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurstmore restriction icons
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurstmove files to proper location
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding steps feature icon. Playing with steps rendering.
2010-02-28 Dave Stubbsrelations now fire events on member addition/removal...
2010-01-07 Dave Stubbsfix small relation issues
2009-12-29 Dave Stubbsinitial relation editing
2009-11-23 Matt AmosAdding some transport icons.
2009-11-23 Andy Allanwaterway icons
2009-11-19 Andy Allantweaked footway icon
2009-11-19 Andy AllanI've made zere cry with my l33t icons skillz
2009-09-07 Dave Stubbsfirst go at specialised tag editors
2009-07-16 Richard FairhurstSeparate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target...