change relation.appendMember to use the undo system, and update various places as...
[potlatch2.git] / net / systemeD / halcyon /
2010-11-30 Richard FairhurstRemember dimming/sharpening preferences
2010-11-30 Richard Fairhurstsupport Potlatch legacy tile scheme; don't support...
2010-11-28 Richard Fairhurston a scale of 0 to awesome, I count this as AWESOME
2010-11-23 Richard FairhurstBing support. Add a <scheme>microsoft</scheme> paramete...
2010-11-14 Tom HughesRemoved executable flag from files which don't need it.
2010-10-18 Richard Fairhurstremove trace
2010-10-18 Richard Fairhurstfun with tweens
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstremember background imagery; infinite sublayers; bugfixes
2010-06-01 Richard Fairhurstspace-drag for backgrounds, plus D to dim (au revoir...
2009-12-17 Richard Fairhurststart of vector import support
2009-12-05 Richard Fairhurstadd dimming control
2009-12-05 Richard Fairhurstadd UI for selecting a background layer
2009-10-09 Richard Fairhurst900913 zoom support. Just needs some UI now to select...
2009-10-09 Richard Fairhurstsome more footling around with POI nodes in ways
2009-09-20 Richard Fairhurstworking (though incomplete) 900913;
2009-09-13 Richard Fairhurst900913 tile support, not complete or working yet