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2011-11-26 Andy AllanUpgrade babelfx to 2.0.4, add more injectors to the...
2011-11-26 Andy AllanAdd ja_JP (japanese) and vi_VN (vietnamese) translations
2011-11-26 Andy AllanExpand translations
2011-11-26 Andy AllanAdd lots of ids in order to permit translations.
2011-11-26 Andy AllanIterate over the locales rather than having to hardcode...
2011-11-25 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #20 from Jonobennett/master
2011-11-25 Jonathan BennettMake platforms appear only on tag match
2011-11-25 Jonathan BennettAdd platforms input to railway station.
2011-11-24 Richard FairhurstMove zoom controls to top left
2011-11-23 Richard FairhurstSmart relation descriptions
2011-11-18 Richard FairhurstOptimise rendering speed by a factor of lots.
2011-11-18 Ilya ZverevBuilding types
2011-11-18 Richard FairhurstRequired include for Zverik's patch
2011-11-18 Ilya ZverevWhen changing feature, save tags that have editors...
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstDim toolbox icons on opening app
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstReinstate the long-lost G shortcut
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstShare <trkseg> parsing code between Trace and TrackLoader,
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstRemember licence status from one session to the next
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'replace'
2011-11-01 Richard FairhurstAllow user to set coarseness of Douglas-Peucker
2011-10-31 Richard FairhurstRename "Bing" to "Bing aerial imagery" as per Andy...
2011-10-31 Richard FairhurstWorking 'replace node' functionality.
2011-10-30 Richard FairhurstResurrecting earlier work on replace branch
2011-10-14 Richard FairhurstRemove duplicated sport dropdown
2011-10-10 Richard FairhurstNot sure what these are doing here, but comment out...
2011-10-10 Richard FairhurstFix issue with intersections only being added to the...
2011-10-10 Richard FairhurstAdd historic Irish imagery
2011-10-08 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-10-06 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #19 from Firefishy/master
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterSet Flash Player 10.1.85 as minimum supported version...
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterMerge https://github.com/systemed/potlatch2
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstSupport importing the <create> element only of <osmChan...
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstTidy and fix the pull-through code
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstUse eval-based width for licence colouring
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstDon't allow parallelise keypress to return 0-length...
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstShow tagged and untagged POI nodes differently
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstRestrict imported tag values to 255 characters
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstRestrict changeset comments to 255 characters
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstFix long-running TagGrid annoyances
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstFix cascading on array-based declarations
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstUse subpart for highway=footway,bicycle=yes
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstvalidateNow() - the magic Flex method that fixes everything
2011-10-03 Richard FairhurstDon't break when selecting relations with unloaded...
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstFix missing autocomplete bug, caused by some utterly...
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstFix indentation
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstStill use (x) for removing from relations
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstGive "create multipolygon" a toolbox icon
2011-10-02 Richard FairhurstDelete icon now looks like WARNING DANGER DEATH rather...
2011-10-01 Richard FairhurstExperimental "create multipolygon" feature.
2011-10-01 Richard FairhurstUse VectorCollection class for data binding on Vectors.
2011-10-01 Richard FairhurstDon't commit tag changes without suitable icons :)
2011-10-01 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #18 from tomhughes/master
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/systemed...
2011-09-30 Richard Fairhurstinputset -> inputSet
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstWrong category
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #16 from gravitystorm/documentation
2011-09-30 Tom HughesUpdate flexTasks.jar for flex 4.5.1
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstFix compiler problem with ambiguous VideoEvent
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstVersion 2.3 2.3
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge remote-tracking branch 'richardf/flex4' into...
2011-09-30 Andy AllanAdd missing tag - mistake while reconciling conflicts
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstSupport mountain bike routes
2011-09-30 Andy Allandos2unix everything again
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into flex4
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstAdd Kosmosnimki imagery
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstAdd geoimage.at background layer
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstAdd more shortcuts to help dialogue
2011-09-30 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into snapshotserver
2011-09-30 Andy AllanAdd an example of a snapshot layer
2011-09-30 Andy AllanConvert celebrations into proper text
2011-09-30 Andy Allandon't highlight nodes if they haven't got any tags
2011-09-30 Richard FairhurstAllow more than one imagery source to have a logo
2011-09-30 Andy AllanSlightly more useful warning messages
2011-09-29 Richard FairhurstEnforce consistent order on tabs
2011-09-29 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/systemed...
2011-09-29 Richard FairhurstUse name().localName to get the name of the root elemen...
2011-09-20 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #15 from Firefishy/patch-1
2011-09-20 Grant SlaterMerge https://github.com/openstreetmap/potlatch2
2011-09-20 GrantFix incorrect file path.
2011-09-16 Richard FairhurstAdd subcategories for map features.
2011-09-16 Richard FairhurstRemove confusing documentation and add pointer to web...
2011-09-15 Richard FairhurstFix HTML rendering in drop-downs
2011-09-15 Richard FairhurstUse workaround to force _factory to be non-null.
2011-09-15 Andy AllanWriting loops without braces is a capital offence
2011-09-15 Andy AllanThat's some messed up stuff right there
2011-09-15 Andy AllanUse the DropDownList spark control for the choice editors
2011-09-13 Richard FairhurstRotate the arrow icon smoothly
2011-09-13 Andy AllanUpdate Arrow.fxg to match arrow.svg
2011-09-13 Andy AllanMove all the other buttons to spark components, and...
2011-09-12 Richard FairhurstMake rotation arrow Flex 4-compatible.
2011-09-12 Richard FairhurstRearrange buttons so all the options are grouped on...
2011-09-12 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #13 from SteveC/master
2011-09-07 SteveCmove the save button to the left where new users expect...
2011-09-03 Richard FairhurstPointer to a StackOverflow question documenting "load...
2011-09-03 Richard FairhurstAdd the ability to group image assets into a .zip file...
2011-09-03 Richard FairhurstSlight tidy
2011-09-02 Richard FairhurstReplace SuperTabNavigator (not compatible with Flex...
2011-08-26 Richard FairhurstFix compiler warnings
2011-07-18 systemedMerge pull request #11 from jetthe/mf01