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2010-08-24 Richard Fairhurstimprove GPS track support
2010-08-20 Andy AllanFix two infinite loops in the one line: decrement count...
2010-08-20 Andy AllanTurn the undo/save issue from a bug to a feature
2010-08-20 Andy AllanUpdate todo: splitway+undo now works fine
2010-08-20 Andy AllanReverse the markDirty and markClean for entity deletion...
2010-08-20 Andy AllanAllow the CreateEntityAction to set/unset the dirty...
2010-08-20 Andy AllanMore bugs found while investigating the undo work
2010-08-19 Andy Allanupdates to TODO
2010-08-19 Andy AllanFirst stab at changing the UI styles - adding rounded...
2010-08-19 Andy AllanSave state of the toolbox in SharedObject
2010-08-17 Andy AllanPrevent changes to created_by and version tags on chang...
2010-08-17 Andy AllanA few more drawWay-related TODOs
2010-08-17 Andy AllanAdd things to todo before I forget
2010-08-17 Andy AllanRemove quadralat from todo
2010-08-17 Andy AllanFix copy+paste error - this is simplify, not straighten
2010-08-17 Andy AllanFix for style switching. Might be better ways to do...
2010-08-09 Richard Fairhurstadd todo
2010-08-08 Richard Fairhurstload GPS tracks from server, needs a bit of refinement...
2010-08-07 Richard FairhurstDon't drop a point if the user pans in a drawing mode
2010-08-02 Richard Fairhurstcan fixing it really be this simple?
2010-08-01 Steve BennettFix meadow.
2010-08-01 Steve BennettAdd agricultural landuse=* tags.
2010-07-29 Steve Bennettadd:
2010-07-29 Steve Bennettadd:
2010-07-28 Steve Bennett- add airports
2010-07-25 Andy AllanMake Quadralaterawhatsit properly undoable
2010-07-13 Richard Fairhurstrefactor node stateClasses and stylelist calculation
2010-07-12 Richard Fairhurstremove commented-out line
2010-07-12 Richard Fairhurstblimey, is this still here?
2010-07-10 Richard Fairhurstsquish a couple of redraw bugs
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstslash and burn trace statements, and fix areas on vecto...
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstgive it a big z-index so POIs in ways appear above...
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstbetter still...
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstsee if this fixes the "non-instantiator" issue
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstoops
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurst16x16 icons for default stylesheet
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstone or two icons
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstfriendlier name
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstadd OSM import for vector background layers
2010-07-09 Richard Fairhurstmove up a level
2010-07-09 Richard FairhurstLet's just have one type of VectorLayer
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstcool vector background layer stuff!
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstobviously this means the stylesheet has to use the...
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstfix backspacing issue on self-intersecting ways
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstfix self-intersecting ways
2010-07-08 Richard Fairhurstmore turn restriction stuff, and checkboxes, and a...
2010-07-07 Andy AllanHmm. Remove blocker. Can't reproduce it now
2010-07-07 Andy AllanAdded blocker
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhursthow do I hate thee, Flex? let me count the ways
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurstfix node-drawing bug and add little restriction POI...
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurststart of turn restriction editor
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurstmore restriction icons
2010-07-07 Richard Fairhurstmove files to proper location
2010-07-02 Richard Fairhurstkill some scrollbars
2010-07-01 Richard Fairhurstlittle things that mean a lot... this means you can...
2010-07-01 Richard Fairhurstcategories for drag and drop. And rationalise the TODO...
2010-07-01 Richard Fairhurstadd 'interactive:no' property, improve clicking behaviour
2010-06-30 Richard Fairhurstmultipolygon fix
2010-06-30 Richard Fairhursttag viewer as either SuperTabNavigator (for Dave's...
2010-06-30 Richard Fairhurstcomplete arbitrary sublayer support; fix roundabout...
2010-06-29 Richard Fairhurstso painful
2010-06-29 Richard Fairhurstdear Adobe, FUCK OFF
2010-06-29 Richard Fairhurstbugfix
2010-06-23 Richard Fairhurstadd todo
2010-06-23 Richard Fairhurstspotted by Komzpa
2010-06-19 Jonathan BennettCorrected typo in map features
2010-06-18 Andy AllanOpencyclemap stylesheet
2010-06-18 Andy AllanSupport 3-char colour values
2010-06-18 Richard FairhurstFlex fail
2010-06-18 Richard Fairhurstrefactor EntityUI, better stylesheet selection, etc.
2010-06-17 Richard Fairhurstfix long-standing eval bug by refactoring MapCSS/RuleSe...
2010-06-17 Richard Fairhurstfix bug where selecting same road type didn't update...
2010-06-17 Richard Fairhurstnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh
2010-06-17 Richard Fairhurstcouple of todos, and fix the toolbox
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstapparently people want to be able to save more than...
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstone's a worksforme and the other isn't really a blocker...
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstoh just frigging work
2010-06-16 Richard FairhurstI _think_ this fixes the slow deselect bug. I think.
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstand this _is_ the right place to put it
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstnnnnngh
2010-06-16 Richard Fairhurstremember background imagery; infinite sublayers; bugfixes
2010-06-15 Richard Fairhurstsmall boog fix
2010-06-15 Richard Fairhurstfix tab selection issue, and remove annoying flash...
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstposition POI labels properly
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstdon't die when mousing over POIs
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstactually, this is tidier
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstupdate route editors when entity joins a relation
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstbetter Save button detection
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstsuggestion from RafalR on #osm - "nothing to undo,...
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstput the cursor in the right place
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstuntagged!=unknown
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstmake it easier to click on ways
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstids are Numbers. Not ints, and certainly not uints...
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstfix save dialogue
2010-06-14 Richard Fairhurstcentre labels, and keep them centred
2010-06-13 Richard Fairhurstcustom imagery dialogue
2010-06-13 Richard Fairhurstmultipolygon bugfix
2010-06-12 Richard Fairhursthell's teeth that was painful. Make relation roles...
2010-06-12 Richard Fairhurstoops, where did the comment go? basic multipolygon...
2010-06-12 Richard Fairhurstbasic multipolygon rendering