2010-03-28 Richard Fairhurstreally need not to forget this
2010-03-28 Richard Fairhurstfix way splitting and node/UI renumbering
2010-03-28 Shaun McDonaldFirst shot at rendering bridges and tunnels in a generi...
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding a bunch of barriers. Spotted bug when POIs lack...
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdd the generated directory to the svn ignore.
2010-03-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding steps feature icon. Playing with steps rendering.
2010-03-26 Jonathan BennettAdding items to TODO list at Andy's request
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstneed to do arrows
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstcircularise
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstremove redundant todraw
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstmight as well remove the debug lines too
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurststraighten ways
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurstupdate todo
2010-03-26 Richard Fairhurststart of floating geometry palette
2010-03-24 Tom HughesSelect new POIs when they are dropped on the map.
2010-03-24 Tom HughesAdd a few more map features.
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldAdding school feature. Adding building adressing to...
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldaddr:house was missing for the building name. Car Park...
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldAdding/sorting bank/atm
2010-03-23 Shaun McDonaldVarious features including, wifi for pubs, car parking...
2010-03-22 Shaun McDonaldAdding convenience shop and supermarket. Just copied...
2010-03-22 Shaun McDonaldAdding Fast Food Feature, some more cuisine options...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldCafe feature+add name for rendering. Cuisine set.
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldAdding cycle parking. I'll let someone improve on the...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldFix the offset of the pub name text in the rendering...
2010-03-21 Shaun McDonaldAdding the operator tag to bus routes for the GUI.
2010-03-21 Dave Stubbsadd 'not found' cached image on failure
2010-03-19 Richard Fairhurstbeginning of vector background layers. And a whole...
2010-03-13 Thomas WoodRather than leaving the Submit button disabled, and...
2010-03-13 Andy AllanCommon getting started notes
2010-03-13 Tom HughesAllow pubs to be given names.
2010-03-13 Tom HughesMake primary and troads wider so they aren't narrower...
2010-03-13 Tom HughesAdd names to tertiary and residential roads.
2010-03-13 Andy AllanAdd pub to map_features
2010-03-10 Richard Fairhurstfix horrid merge bug (yay!). Implement suspend/resume...
2010-03-09 Richard Fairhurstdelete ways, too
2010-03-09 Richard Fairhurstdelete points from ways
2010-02-28 Andy Allanremove trace and get drag images working again
2010-02-28 Dave StubbsLoad map features images into cache rather than have...
2010-02-28 Andy AllanDrag Drop icons loaded from map_features
2010-02-28 Dave Stubbsrelations now fire events on member addition/removal...
2010-02-28 Andy Allandrag and drop from sidebar panel, show dnd panel when...
2010-02-15 Richard Fairhurstdisplay icons on drag-and-drop
2010-02-14 Andy AllanDrag and Drop POIs. TODO: make a panel, load from mapfe...
2010-02-14 Andy AllanNew Relation button
2010-02-12 Andy AllanUpdate TODO
2010-01-15 Richard Fairhurstmissing file
2010-01-11 Richard Fairhurstshow junction nodes in a Potlatch 1 style. Ridiculously...
2010-01-10 Andy Allanminor additions to map features
2010-01-10 Richard Fairhurstupdate todo
2010-01-10 Richard Fairhurstwidth can be defined based on maximum width so far
2010-01-10 Matt AmosFail. Should have access-qualified class constants.
2010-01-10 Matt AmosFirst version of quadrilateralise function for PL2...
2010-01-10 Dave Stubbsforward & backward in route roles
2010-01-10 Andy AllanDrag and drop reordering of relation members
2010-01-10 Andy AllanAdd and populate a relations member panel
2010-01-10 Richard Fairhurstmore delete
2010-01-10 Dave Stubbsspeed up selection by making editors added lazily with...
2010-01-10 Andy AllanShow relation index in advanced properties
2010-01-09 Andy AllanShow+remove (but not add) entity at specific relation...
2010-01-09 Richard Fairhurstdelete objects (possibly not complete)
2010-01-09 Andy AllanRelation selection dialog
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsadd browser help links for map features
2010-01-09 Dave Stubbsfilter category selector by element type
2010-01-09 Richard Fairhurstsplit ways by pressing X (needs a shiny button!)
2010-01-08 Andy AllanAdd full selection from P1, and minor layout changes
2010-01-07 Dave Stubbsfix small relation issues
2009-12-29 Dave Stubbsinitial relation editing
2009-12-24 Dave Stubbsmove bg and style selection to top bar, and give a...
2009-12-17 Richard Fairhurststart of vector import support
2009-12-06 Andy AllanAdd subway rendering and bus stops to map_features
2009-12-05 Richard Fairhurstadd dimming control
2009-12-05 Richard Fairhurstadd UI for selecting a background layer
2009-12-03 Andy AllanAdd rendering for addressing, and fix regexps
2009-12-03 Andy Allanadd icons to stylesheet
2009-12-03 Andy Allanrudimentary help and options dialog boxes
2009-12-03 Andy Allana nicer hover colour, but still not 100% happy
2009-12-03 Andy AllanDave explained what the 'line' tag was intended for...
2009-12-02 Andy Allanadd a background color so that the message is visible...
2009-11-30 Andy Allaninitial markup for highway=pedestrian
2009-11-30 Andy AllanAdd poi preset for railway stations
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstdouble-click to create new POIs
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstfix text offset for POIs, and casing for node shapes
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstremove redundant code
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstdrag POIs
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstless todo!
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstselect and move POI nodes, and a handful of smaller...
2009-11-30 Richard Fairhurstfun with railways
2009-11-29 Dave StubbsAdd way extending by clicking on first/last node
2009-11-29 Andy Allanmore area styling, now covers all P1 area colours and...
2009-11-29 Richard Fairhurstupdated TODO
2009-11-29 Richard Fairhurstaccompanying stylesheet
2009-11-29 Richard Fairhursthighlight nodes in mouseover
2009-11-29 Dave Stubbsfix creating ways duplicate node bug, and connecting...
2009-11-29 Dave StubbsEdit SVGs to not rely on FlexSDK getting the fonts...
2009-11-29 Richard Fairhurstmore selection fixes
2009-11-29 Richard Fairhurstmore selection fixes
2009-11-28 Richard Fairhurstoops
2009-11-28 Richard Fairhurstfix problem with nodes not being deselected
2009-11-28 Richard Fairhurstfix :drawn