2012-03-25 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'draganddrop'
2012-03-25 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #51 from stevage/tweak-parallel-way
2012-03-25 Steve BennettPrevent parallel way creation leaving entries in Undo...
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstDon't refresh the CategorySelector unless we need to
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstTidy up tagChanged eventListeners
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstWe don't want people to sort the TagGrid columns
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstDon't allow 1-node ways to be saved
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstMOAR CONSTANTS
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstDon't keep items selected
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstAdd disclosure triangles
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstDrag-and-drop panel shows just 2 rows by default
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstMake text labels draggable too
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstAdd label next to icon
2012-03-24 Richard FairhurstCreate a new panel for drag-and-drop POIs
2012-03-21 Richard FairhurstRestore compatibility with FP 10.1
2012-03-19 Richard FairhurstGet Halcyon working again
2012-03-19 Richard FairhurstWe don't need this any more
2012-03-16 Richard FairhurstTemporary "nuke from orbit" remapping button
2012-03-16 Richard FairhurstRestore tab/enter behaviour for simple tag panel
2012-03-16 Richard FairhurstFix multi-select "tags hanging around" bug
2012-03-16 Richard FairhurstDon't try to translate if the user is en_US anyway
2012-03-16 Richard FairhurstImprove OS X ANT_OPTS so you can build locales too
2012-03-15 Richard FairhurstCope with keyDowns within TextInput and keyUp outside it
2012-03-15 Richard FairhurstDisable Flex's "helpful" let's-tab-onto-everything...
2012-03-14 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/systemed...
2012-03-14 Richard FairhurstFix issues with keypresses being lost
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/systemed...
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstMove "<different>" text to a constant
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #47 from stevage/parking-types
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstAdd name to forest simple editor
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstDon't colour unclosed historic=*
2012-03-12 Richard FairhurstMore descriptive 'Delete relation' alert, and select...
2012-03-11 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-03-11 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #48 from Firefishy/patch-2
2012-03-11 GrantAdd 'The Australian Geographic Reference Image' to...
2012-03-10 Steve BennettAdd parking=* at Tordanik's request.
2012-03-09 Siebrand MazelandFix typo.
2012-03-09 Siebrand MazelandUpdate link.
2012-03-08 Richard FairhurstBlock google.com imagery but not /google/
2012-03-08 Richard FairhurstDelete relations when last member removed
2012-03-07 Richard FairhurstFix broken style-merging behaviour
2012-03-06 Richard FairhurstDon't try running a hitTest against non-interactive...
2012-03-06 Richard FairhurstDon't try and load policy files from localhost:3000...
2012-03-05 Richard FairhurstMerge branch 'form-layout'
2012-03-05 Richard FairhurstCount form elements rather than tab children
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMake form headings a bit less massive
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstPick up modified skins; add resize code to TagViewer
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstFix layout issues. Waste afternoon. Kill Flex.
2012-03-04 Siebrand MazelandRemove "vi" locale in favour of "vi_VN".
2012-03-04 Siebrand Mazeland* sync a few content changes from en_US to en_GB
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge remote-tracking branch 'gravitystorm/form-layout...
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #30 from gravitystorm/background...
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #28 from gravitystorm/docs
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #32 from stevage/bug-4258-4259
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #37 from stevage/fix-3775
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #34 from stevage/fix-4114
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #29 from gravitystorm/tests
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #31 from gravitystorm/errors
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstAnimated spinner to make loading/saving more obvious
2012-03-04 Steve BennettMove sports centre to sports category as per #3775
2012-03-04 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #35 from tomhughes/master
2012-03-04 Tom HughesBuild all locales, not just those with a country component
2012-03-04 Tom HughesFallback to en_US to find missing locale property files
2012-03-04 Steve BennettFix #4114 - "black" being ignored as a color in some...
2012-03-03 Siebrand MazelandAdd two files with less than 35% to reduce immediate...
2012-03-03 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-03-03 Siebrand MazelandMinor tweaks.
2012-03-03 Siebrand MazelandFix typo.
2012-03-03 Steve BennettFix #4258 and #4258 by adding styles for
2012-03-02 Siebrand MazelandRemove incorrect </b>.
2012-03-01 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-03-01 Siebrand MazelandTweak: app -> application.
2012-02-27 Siebrand MazelandFix inconsistency in text.
2012-02-27 Siebrand MazelandPotlatch2->Potlatch 2
2012-02-26 Siebrand MazelandAdd some newlines to make the life of translators easier.
2012-02-26 Siebrand MazelandNormalise L10n files after import to/export from transl...
2012-02-26 Siebrand MazelandOK all caps.
2012-02-25 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #27 from dittaeva/master
2012-02-23 Guttorm FlatabøAdded nn and nb translations (Norwegian nynorsk and...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanUpdate the tests now that Entity requires a connection...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanAdd a symlink to the embedded directory, now needed...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanUpdate the test compiler to target 10.2 now that we...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanAsdoc introduction for TagViewer.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanAdd more guidance.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanSparkify the merge panel, and reflect improved guidance.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanBackport the snapshot.css file developed for the cnxc...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanSpark buttons.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanExpand the explanatory text. Wrap the s:RichText in...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanUse spark:RichText in favour of mx:Text - nicer looking...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanRemove the unused layer variable from the background...
2012-02-22 Andy AllanShow the background layer name.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanImprove documentation of the background panel.
2012-02-22 Andy AllanAsdoc for the BackgroundMergePanel.
2012-02-21 Andy AllanUse the new asdoc-in-mxml goodness to get document...
2012-02-21 Andy AllanFix some malformed asdoc comments.
2012-02-21 Andy AllanConvert to asdoc format
2012-02-21 Andy AllanConvert comment to asdoc format
2012-02-21 Andy AllanFix the docs build target. Asdoc no longer likes spaces...
2012-02-21 Andy AllanTypo in comment.
2012-02-21 Andy AllanFriendlier error message when the map doesn't load...