Fix lists in rich text to display properly
[rails.git] / app / views / user / confirm_email.html.erb
2013-01-14 Saman Bemel-BenrudSite cleanup
2011-11-26 Tom HughesSwitch from Prototype to jQuery
2011-11-14 Tom HughesUse form_tag instead of building forms by hand
2010-10-04 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-10-04 Tom HughesUse javascript to automatically submit confirmation...
2009-10-26 Tom HughesRemoved bogus space from translation token. Closes...
2009-06-09 Tom HughesMerge 15722:15806 from head and adjust new views to...
2009-06-09 Tom HughesRename views to rails 2 style names.