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Lots of documentation updates, plus split out potlatch libraries in to lib
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2008-01-23 Richard Fairhurstfew bits of tidying
2008-01-22 Richard Fairhurstdocument amf_controller types for SteveC
2008-01-21 Richard Fairhurstslight bugfixes and improved WinIE behaviour (?)
2008-01-18 Richard FairhurstSTUPID EVIL IE AAAAAARGH
2008-01-18 Richard Fairhurstalways redraw window if redopropertywindow is set
2008-01-17 Richard Fairhurst0.6c: bunch of minor improvements and bugfixes
2008-01-15 Richard Fairhurst0.6b: cycle through ways on top of each other
2008-01-04 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.6a: small bugfixes, read GPX waypoints
2007-12-24 Richard Fairhurstzoom level for Yahoo
2007-12-24 Richard Fairhurstdon't ignore outdated baselayer values; fix maximum...
2007-12-23 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.6: autocomplete keys/values
2007-12-07 Richard Fairhurstfix POI moving bug
2007-12-01 Richard Fairhurstmove preset tags and colours into config files
2007-11-30 Richard Fairhurstslight revert changes
2007-11-23 Richard Fairhurst0.5d: drag Yahoo layer only
2007-11-21 Richard Fairhurst0.5c: some refinements to casing
2007-11-19 Richard Fairhurstpurge area layer when purging ways
2007-11-19 Richard Fairhurst0.5b: look more pretty!
2007-11-13 Richard Fairhurst0.5a: further revisions to merged ways, API->SWF error...
2007-11-11 Richard Fairhurstfix branching way problem
2007-11-10 Richard Fairhurst0.5: NUNS! REVERT!!!
2007-11-02 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4c: bugfixes, history in progress
2007-10-28 Richard Fairhurstpersistent preferences!
2007-10-28 Richard Fairhurstupdate view/edit tab links
2007-10-28 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4b: put POIs in ways; small SWF improvement...
2007-10-25 Richard Fairhurstfix the POI bugfix (sigh)
2007-10-09 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4a, fix duplicate POI bug
2007-10-07 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4 (hopefully)
2007-09-20 Gabriel EbnerMerge rails_port as of r4613 & fix tests.
2007-09-14 Richard Fairhurstv0.3, includes Douglas-Peucker for GPS tracks
2007-09-12 Richard FairhurstPotlatch v0.2a: display GPS traces, some bugfixes
2007-09-02 Richard Fairhurstlatest Yahoo Maps API seems to be more reliable
2007-09-02 Richard Fairhurstfix dragging, add some new pois (already!)
2007-09-02 Richard FairhurstPotlatch v0.2 with POI editing
2007-08-03 Richard Fairhurstvarious bugfixes, new natural presets
2007-07-22 Richard Fairhurstways from unwayed segments now automatically fix segmen...
2007-07-21 Richard Fairhurstexperimental 'make ways out of unwayed segments' feature
2007-07-21 Richard Fairhurstdrag newly created points
2007-07-19 Richard Fairhurstsmarter whichways behaviour, couple of small bugfixes
2007-07-07 Richard Fairhurstfix problematic merge
2007-06-24 Richard Fairhurstmore accurate unwayed segments display; warning icon...
2007-06-24 Richard Fairhurstbetter SQL in putway, plus trap any 0/1-length ways...
2007-06-10 Richard Fairhurststart editing at the correct lat/lon, not slightly off
2007-06-08 Richard Fairhurstwarning/retry uploads if server is being dozy
2007-06-07 Richard Fairhurststart of unwayed segments support
2007-06-06 Richard FairhurstLatest Potlatch, plus TomH's GPX fix
2007-05-28 Richard Fairhurstqueue uploads; better tolerance on click vs drag
2007-05-21 Richard Fairhurstdirection of new ways fixed
2007-05-20 Richard Fairhurstbig nodes especially for SteveC
2007-05-18 Richard FairhurstPotlatch-on-Rails, ready to go (fingers crossed)
2007-05-08 Richard FairhurstPotlatch on Rails, first working version
2007-05-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch Rails AMF stuff
2007-04-28 Richard Fairhurstbeginnings of Potlatch on Rails