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Merge 16110:16487 from trunk.
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2009-07-14 Tom HughesMerge 16110:16487 from trunk.
2009-07-14 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translated new string introduced in the changeset_brows...
2009-07-14 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Use pluralization for showing that a changeset has...
2009-07-14 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... use the same text for informing the user that tags...
2009-07-13 Tom HughesMerge changeset browser branch to trunk.
2009-07-13 Tom HughesMerge 16355:16480 from trunk.
2009-07-13 Štefan Baeblerimproved pluralization, continuation of #2049
2009-07-13 Balló GyörgyUpdated Hungarian translation of OpenStreetMap website
2009-07-13 Balló GyörgyUpdated Hungarian translation of Potlatch
2009-07-13 Tom HughesAdd custom pluralizer for Slovenian. Fixes #2049.
2009-07-13 Tom HughesFix a missing translation. Closes #2052.
2009-07-13 Tom HughesAdd initial Romanian translations. Closes #2058.
2009-07-12 Balló GyörgyUpdated Hungarian translation of Potlatch
2009-07-12 Balló GyörgyUpdated Hungarian translation of Potlatch
2009-07-10 Balló GyörgyCorrect some translation bug.
2009-07-10 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Fixed YAML syntax error in commit [16421]
2009-07-10 Balló GyörgyAdd Hungarian translation of OpenStreetMap website.
2009-07-09 Richard Fairhurstand the accompanying SWF
2009-07-09 Štefan Baeblerimproved translations
2009-07-09 Štefan Baebleradded brief help for tag entry, continuing on #2032
2009-07-08 Richard Fairhurst"list mode" should really be "live mode" :)
2009-07-08 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 1.1 (server code)
2009-07-08 Tom HughesUpdate Vietnamese translation. Closes #2041.
2009-07-07 Štefan Baeblerfixed a mixup (not really broken, but producing decievi...
2009-07-06 Tom HughesFix JOSM version matching.
2009-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate translations to match r16356.
2009-07-05 Tom HughesMerge 16216:16355 from trunk.
2009-07-05 Tom HughesAdd some more detail to the changeset Atom feeds.
2009-07-05 Jun-Wook KwakRevised some typos. Did more translated. Not done yet...
2009-07-05 Tom HughesBlock JOSM revisions 1722-1727 as they have a serious...
2009-07-05 Tom HughesAdd Vietnamese translation. Closes #2033.
2009-07-05 Grant SlaterAdd jpeg to mime-type lighttpd.conf table, fixed #2031
2009-07-04 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... When two users are <1 km apart display the distance...
2009-07-04 Tom HughesSwitch to using ATOM for changeset feeds.
2009-07-03 Tom HughesCorrect resource name.
2009-07-03 Štefan Baeblermore strict translations
2009-07-03 Štefan Baebleradditional translations in geocoder describer
2009-07-03 Štefan Baeblerupdated
2009-07-02 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Changeset [16271] changed "=" in the shortlink to ...
2009-07-02 Tom HughesCreate separate queues for namefinder and geonames...
2009-07-02 Tom HughesMerge some changes from the live server.
2009-07-02 Tom HughesRemove byte order marker.
2009-07-02 Tom HughesMake the search box load each set of results separately...
2009-07-02 Jenny HerbertA little more Yoruba put in its .yml file.
2009-07-02 Tom HughesUpdated OpenLayers config for new XYZ based usage.
2009-07-02 Štefan Baeblerpluralized some phrases
2009-07-01 Maarten DeenSome more diacritics
2009-07-01 Maarten DeenUpdated diactirical sign ö
2009-07-01 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translate geocoder.results.namefinder. May be incorrect...
2009-07-01 Štefan Baeblerfixed interpolation error introduced in [16237]
2009-06-30 Tom HughesFix warnings arising from geocoder translations, and...
2009-06-29 Štefan Baeblermade geocoder results translatable. It could probably...
2009-06-29 Tom HughesGo back to using < and > for navigation instead of...
2009-06-29 Tom HughesMerge 16110:16216 from trunk.
2009-06-28 Frederik Rammgerman translations for oauth stuff
2009-06-28 Jonas Krückelnew german translations
2009-06-28 Jonas Krückeluptodate with en.yml 16206
2009-06-28 Jonas Krückelupdating with keys from en.yml
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Make the printable_name() function call i18n.t to trans...
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Another commit in the spirit of [16199]: Don't enforce...
2009-06-28 Štefan Baeblertnx, avar for beating me to it :)
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translated *.map.larger.*
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Add back ''export.start_rjs.view_larger_map'' which...
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... I mistakenly removed ''export.start_rjs.view_larger_map...
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... The relation browser used the translated nominative...
2009-06-28 Štefan Baeblersynced with en.yml [16196]
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Delete browse.map.view_larger_map from a bunch of trans...
2009-06-28 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... s/klukkan//
2009-06-27 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Change the feature commited in [16174] to use the main...
2009-06-27 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Introducing a new /browse/{node,way,relation,changeset...
2009-06-27 Štefan Baeblersynced
2009-06-26 UlfMediawiki deutsch
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... "Node history: {{node_name}}" was untranslatable!
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Show "Vegur" in <title> not "Veginum" in /browse/way/:id
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translated activerecord.*. I have never seen most of...
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Use the .to_sentence feature for the English map key...
2009-06-26 Štefan Baebleradditional translations
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translate all the map key, this (ab)uses the new .to_se...
2009-06-26 Štefan Baeblertranslated additional map key entries
2009-06-26 Štefan Baeblertranslated remaining missing phrases
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... notifier.gpx_notification translated. Not used by the...
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... * Translated site.edit.*
2009-06-26 Štefan Baeblersynced with en.yml [16143]
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Changed link from [[Disabled anonymous edits]] to ...
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translate everything that's not ^(active|site|notifier...
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translate view_larger_map
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Translated signup-confirm
2009-06-26 Štefan Baebleradded colon for consistency with other fields
2009-06-26 Tom HughesRemove asset tag monkey patch as it is no longer having...
2009-06-26 Sebastian Spaethadd osmarender key stub, which will need to be completed
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... translate list.tagged_with which is used in <title...
2009-06-26 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... * Add map key table, still untranslated
2009-06-25 Matt AmosAdding 'shortlink' functions which will allow URLs...
2009-06-25 Štefan Baeblertypo
2009-06-25 Tom HughesMerge 16070:16110 from trunk.
2009-06-25 Tom HughesMerge 16012:16110 from trunk.
2009-06-25 Tom HughesFix some interpolation variables.
2009-06-25 Tom HughesCorrect some interpolation names.
2009-06-25 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Lakes are already visible on zoom 7, not 8
2009-06-24 Tom HughesAdd some more languages to the OpenLayers build.