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Default REQUIRE_TERMS_SEEN to false for now
[rails.git] / config / example.application.yml
2011-04-03 Tom HughesDefault REQUIRE_TERMS_SEEN to false for now
2011-04-03 Matt AmosPhase 2 CTs implementation and tests, with config parameter
2010-12-17 Andy AllanUse configuration variables for limiting nearby users...
2010-11-29 Tom HughesImplement automatic OAuth setup for Potlatch 2
2010-11-29 Matt AmosInitial work on support for multiple editors
2010-11-02 Tom HughesAllow the Nominatim instance used to be configured
2010-09-21 Tom HughesUpdate oauth models and controllers for OAuth 1.0a...
2010-08-13 Tom HughesRename application.yml to example.application.yml