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Allow trace descriptions and tags to be edited.
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2007-09-23 Tom HughesAllow trace descriptions and tags to be edited.
2007-08-22 Tom HughesPut the option to delete GPS traces back. Fixes #405.
2007-08-20 Tom HughesHandle errors a bit better.
2007-08-18 Tom HughesHandle files uploaded via the API properly.
2007-08-16 Tom HughesMake the gpx/id/data API call work, and make gpx/create...
2007-08-15 Tom HughesTidy up trace handling a bit, and add support for per...
2007-08-14 Tom HughesAdd the author name to RSS feeds.
2007-08-14 Tom HughesRemove bogus setting of title attribute.
2007-08-09 Tom HughesFix title and tidy up a few things.
2007-08-09 Tom HughesReturn "404 Not Found" for users and traces which don...
2007-08-08 Tom HughesUse the rails paginator to paginate the trace list...
2007-07-17 Tom HughesProvide a more sensible suggested filename when downloa...
2007-07-02 Tom HughesHandle public flag for GPX creation properly.
2007-07-02 Tom HughesRefactor GPX creation routines to share common code.
2007-06-27 Tom HughesSplit the rest action into sparate read, update and...
2007-06-23 Dan KarranAdding tag name to title if available.
2007-06-23 Dan KarranAdding titles to trace lists
2007-06-21 Tom HughesAvoid reading traces and trace images into memory when...
2007-06-16 Dan KarranSetting correct XML content-type for trace RSS feeds.
2007-06-12 Tom HughesImprove reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow...
2007-06-11 Tom HughesImprove handling of login/logout some more to improve...
2007-06-10 Tom HughesMake next and previous links on user/XXX/traces work...
2007-06-10 Tom HughesUse params[] instead of @params[] to avoid deprecation...
2007-05-10 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2007-05-09 Steve Coastvarious fixes
2007-05-07 Nick Blackfixed the ticket 432
2007-04-07 Steve CoastGPX api done
2007-04-07 Steve Coastability to make trace public
2007-04-07 Steve Coastcan now download a trace
2007-04-07 Steve Coastgpx import now fully works
2007-03-29 Dan MooreAPI 0.4: User rename, view trace links, tag filter...
2007-03-23 Dan MooreAPI 0.4 Updates - work on traces pages + pagination...
2006-12-08 Steve Coastinnitial by tag / by user code
2006-12-08 Steve Coastgpx rss and gpx cleanups
2006-12-08 Steve Coasttrace bits and a georss class
2006-12-06 Steve Coastvarious gpx rails things
2006-12-06 Steve Coastadd tags to gpx files
2006-12-01 Steve Coastlots of rails gpx stuff
2006-12-01 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2006-12-01 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2006-11-30 Steve Coasttrace stuff in rails port
2006-11-27 Steve CoastGPX trace rails stuff
2006-07-28 Steve Coastmore basic framework