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Seperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
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2007-06-20 Dan KarranSeperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
2007-06-20 Tom HughesMake "nearby users" show all those within 50km rather...
2007-06-17 Dan KarranStarting to tidy up user profiles, adding nearby user...
2007-06-10 Tom HughesUse messages.empty? instead of the deprecated has_messa...
2007-05-18 Richard Fairhurstworkaround for paths in Potlatch getpresets, plus diary...
2007-05-06 Steve Coastupdates from hacking day
2007-05-05 Nick Blackremoved fixme tags from views and put into trac
2007-05-05 Nick Blackmessaging stuff and home location selection
2007-05-05 Nick Blackmessaging stuff
2007-04-07 Steve Coastuser bugs + direct to real 404 tile
2007-04-07 Steve Coastvarious diary bits