Refactor site#welcome to use abilities instead of require_user
[rails.git] / app / models / ability.rb
2018-10-10 Andy AllanRefactor site#welcome to use abilities instead of requi...
2018-10-10 Andy AllanChange abilities based on upstream renamings
2018-10-10 Andy AllanMerge branch 'authz' of
2018-06-18 Chris FlipseMake rubocop happy
2018-06-17 Chris Flipseseparate ability and capability
2018-06-17 Benjamin ReynoldsAuthorize actions on GeocoderController with CanCanCan...
2018-06-17 Chris FlipseUpdate capabilities check to actually reflect the exist...
2018-06-17 Chris FlipseUse cancancan to authorize user_preference_controller
2018-06-17 Chris FlipseImplement the cancan filters for diary entries
2018-06-17 Chris Flipseuse token in ability checks
2018-06-17 Chris Flipsefix tests for site controller
2018-06-17 Andy AllanAdd cancancan and the first ability definitions for...