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2008-04-23 Christopher... browseclass no longer used
2008-04-23 Christopher... no longer need stylesheet change
2008-04-23 Christopher... define type earlier
2008-04-23 Christopher... UI changes from RichardF
2008-04-23 Christopher... move data into a layer in the layerswitcher
2008-04-23 Christopher... very minor ui niggles
2008-04-23 Christopher... prevent errors when closing sidebar
2008-04-22 Christopher... add link to history html page
2008-04-22 Christopher... add support for displaying history
2008-04-22 Christopher... change layout: now a link, no longer a tab
2008-04-22 Christopher... minor clenaups
2008-04-22 Christopher... don't let users select areas bigger than allowed
2008-04-22 Christopher... allow down/up events
2008-04-22 Christopher... Customize requestSuccess to limit number of features...
2008-04-22 Christopher... Add recent nodes to start of tab, and return false...
2008-04-22 Christopher... clean up javascript code. no/few functional changes...
2008-04-21 Christopher... destroy the feature when we leave
2008-04-21 Christopher... add in-map node/way browser
2008-04-21 Christopher... Create a 'browse' tab, which will be used to display...
2008-04-20 Christopher... add navigation link
2008-04-20 Christopher... Link ways and nodes backwards and forwards.
2008-04-20 Christopher... link to html history
2008-04-20 Christopher... add a browse index (no content yet)
2008-04-20 Christopher... move around things to match the change in action names
2008-04-20 Christopher... drop _view from action names
2008-04-20 Christopher... update routes: everything lives in browse/ now
2008-04-20 Christopher... don't abuse link_to: do it right
2008-04-20 Christopher... for items which don't actually have a geometry, just...
2008-04-20 Christopher... Add support for relation history.
2008-04-20 Christopher... Add history for ways and nodes, split 'last edited...
2008-04-20 Christopher... Add tags_as_hash to old_nodes
2008-04-20 Christopher... Handle deleted items better.
2008-04-20 Christopher... link from member object to the member page
2008-04-20 Christopher... Add relation browsing:
2008-04-20 Christopher... Fix offset when laying in vectors on top of the OSM...
2008-04-20 Tom HughesTidy up a few details.
2008-04-20 Tom HughesAdd a stub helper for the browse controller.
2008-04-20 Tom HughesCommit crschmdt's data browser patch.
2008-04-20 Tom HughesMake a branch of the rails code for crschmidt's data...
2008-04-20 Tom HughesMake sure the export button is enabled if we switch...
2008-04-20 Tom HughesClose down export properly when the sidebar is closed.
2008-04-20 Tom HughesSuppress the PanZoomBar control from printed output.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesRework export to not rely on ctrl+drag to select an...
2008-04-19 Tom HughesDo the transform the right way round.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesUse the right variable for the marker position.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesUse the right variable for the event.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesAdd numZoomLevels to the map.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMake openSidebar() work with no argument.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMark map responses as attachments.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMake export tab work from non-view pages.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesHeaders is an array not a function...
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMerge 7296:7427 from export branch to trunk.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesRevert accidental commit.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesDon't call formatChanged() when disabling XML output...
2008-04-19 Tom HughesValidate the mapnik scale on a zoom change.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesDisplay the size of the image mapnik will produce.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesOnly add a border to text input fields.
2008-04-18 Tom HughesAdd export helper.
2008-04-18 Tom HughesRework AJAX stuff to work on IE.
2008-04-18 Tom HughesRemove spurious comma that was breaking Safari.
2008-04-18 Tom HughesFix broken close tag that was breaking Opera.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesMove user diaries link to the tab bar as it changes...
2008-04-17 Tom HughesDefault export format based on selected base layer.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesFill in license details.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesRemove unused method.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesMake the /export URL work.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesSimplify URLs a bit.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesMerged 7296:7388 from rails_port trunk.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAjaxify the export tab.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesFix setPosition().
2008-04-16 Tom HughesGet rid of our reprojection code and use OpenLayers...
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAdd missing OpenLayers 2.6 images.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesUse OL 2.6 auto sizing for popups instead of doing...
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAdd a scale control to the map. Closes #51.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesUpdate OpenLayers to 2.6 release.
2008-04-14 Tom HughesMore work on export tab.
2008-04-11 Tom HughesReally remove it this time...
2008-04-11 Tom HughesRemove accidental commit of my local mapnik layer.
2008-04-11 Tom HughesFix IE breakage.
2008-04-11 Tom HughesTurn on wrapDateLine for all layers.
2008-04-10 Tom HughesTweak the namefinder results a bit more.
2008-04-09 Tom HughesProvide extra context for namefinder results where...
2008-04-09 Tom HughesReflect any changes made to the bounds in the map.
2008-04-08 Tom HughesDisable OSM export when the area is too large.
2008-04-08 Tom HughesSwitch export branch to use OpenLayers 2.6-rc1 as we...
2008-04-07 Tom HughesCommit initial work on export tab.
2008-04-07 Tom HughesRemove export controller from branches where it isn...
2008-04-07 Tom HughesMake a copy of the rails code for the node tag splittin...
2008-04-07 Tom HughesMake a copy of the rails code for the node tag splittin...
2008-04-07 Tom HughesCreate a directory for branches of the main web site...
2008-03-31 Tom HughesSet a transitionEffect of resize on the OSM layers...
2008-03-30 Richard Fairhurstpermit uninserted tracks to be edited
2008-03-30 Richard Fairhurst0.8a
2008-03-26 Richard Fairhurstfix disappearing welcome panel
2008-03-25 Tom HughesEnable the namefinder again.
2008-03-23 Steve Chiltonnew versions of keys to mapnik z8-z13
2008-03-21 Richard Fairhursttone colours down very slightly so you can still see...
2008-03-21 Richard FairhurstEdgemaster's patch to colour routes depending on network
2008-03-21 Steve Coastnicer fix I think for nil / [] issue
2008-03-21 Steve Coastmore madness