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Project Description Owner Last Change
cgimap.git The "map" api call for the... Grant Slater 5 years ago
chef.git Chef configuration management... Tom Hughes 7 hours ago
dns.git OpenStreetMap DNS Tom Hughes 10 days ago
gpx-import.git GPX Importer Tom Hughes 6 years ago
nominatim-ui.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Tom Hughes 5 weeks ago
nominatim.git Open Source search based on... Sarah Hoffmann 3 days ago
osqa.git OSQA Tom Hughes 8 weeks ago
planetdump.git Planet Dump Generator Tom Hughes 8 years ago
potlatch2.git Potlatch 2 Tom Hughes 3 years ago
rails.git The OpenStreetMap web site Grant Slater 5 days ago
stateofthemap.git Resources for State of the... Tom Hughes 2 months ago