descriptionChef configuration management public repo for configuring & maintaining the OpenStreetMap servers.
ownerTom Hughes
last changeThu, 20 Jun 2019 18:20:17 +0000 (19:20 +0100)
5 days ago Tom HughesAdd a 12 hour delay to the diary RSS feed master
7 days ago TigerfellAdd MultiMaps extension to primary wiki
7 days ago Tom HughesServe precompressed ICO and XML resources
7 days ago Tom HughesServe precompressed JSON resources
7 days ago Tom HughesOnly match the intended extensions
8 days ago Tom HughesOptimise loading of piwik javascript
8 days ago Tom HughesImprove cacheability of static resources
8 days ago Tom HughesUse the precompressed assets instead of compressing...
9 days ago Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: update address level table on git changes
9 days ago Tom HughesRemove some redundant expiry time rules
9 days ago Tom HughesEnabled the Last-Modified headers for assets
10 days ago Tom HughesChange tile cache QOS token name to match main web...
11 days ago Tom HughesSwitch bytemark machines to use Google DNS
11 days ago Tom HughesAdd remote hands account for TeraSwitch
12 days ago Tom HughesUse correct parent caches
12 days ago Tom HughesRemove tile role from orm
5 days ago master