descriptionOpenStreetMap DNS
ownerTom Hughes
last changeTue, 27 Aug 2019 21:53:23 +0000 (22:53 +0100)
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: remove unneeded include master
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: Hard fail other zones with SPF
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: Remove old IPs. Add MX. Switch to Hard fail
2019-08-14 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to ysera
2019-08-11 Tom HughesReplace yevaud with ysera in render cluster
2019-08-11 Tom HughesRemove yevaud from DNS
2019-08-11 Tom HughesAdd ysera to DNS
2019-08-06 Tom HughesMove Indonesia to the Australian cache
2019-06-30 Tom HughesAdd balerion to tile CDN
2019-06-30 Tom HughesAdd balerion to DNS
2019-06-21 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to stormfly-02 and azure
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd azure to tile CDN
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd azure to DNS
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd support for generating and distributing gdnsd maps...
2019-06-08 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to saphira and vipertooth
2019-06-02 Tom HughesMove some load from scorch and rhaegal to odin
3 weeks ago master