24 hours ago Sarah Hoffmannreuse DB connections by default master
24 hours ago Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
24 hours ago Sarah Hoffmannadd osm_id index for osmline table
9 days ago Sarah Hoffmannadd hint that setup.php must be run from build directory
12 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1295 from mtmail/move-searchrank...
12 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1294 from mtmail/behave-support...
12 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1305 from mtmail/travis-ci-ubuntu-16
13 days ago marc tobiasBDD: support for DB_PORT environment variable
13 days ago marc tobiasTravis CI Ubuntu 14 => Ubuntu 16
13 days ago marc tobiasRemove get_addressrank_label. Move get_searchrank_label...
13 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1282 from lonvia/remove-self-from...
13 days ago Sarah Hoffmanndocs: adapt sizes to smaller place_address table
13 days ago Sarah Hoffmannremove self-reference from place-addressline
13 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1304 from mtmail/travis-use-compose...
13 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1303 from mtmail/remove-deprecated...
13 days ago marc offline. Use composer instead of pear...
13 days ago marc tobiasremove phpunit config key deprecated since version 3.5
2019-01-28 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1296 from mtmail/readme-markdown...
2019-01-28 marc tobiasREADME: tiny markdown syntax error
2019-01-26 Sarah HoffmannDo not allow --no-index together with --import-osmosis-all
2019-01-26 Sarah Hoffmannset import_status when indexing only
2019-01-26 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-01-26 Sarah Hoffmannignore admin boundary ways for countries and states
2019-01-10 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-01-10 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1277 from lonvia/osm2pgsql-import...
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannpostcodes also need fallback
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannadd final missing import numbers
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannupdate osm2pgsql (custom style)
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannmore style docs
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannadd tests for import of interpolations
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannadd postcodes and interpolations to osm2pgsql style
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmanndocument import style variants
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannfix typo
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannfixup admin import style and add two new ones
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannadd documentation for new import style
2019-01-08 Sarah HoffmannSwitch to configurable style for osm2pgsql
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannadapt warm.php to new Result objects
2019-01-08 Sarah Hoffmannkeep country_osm_grid table when dropping update tables
2019-01-05 Sarah Hoffmannemphasize the need for valid HTTP referrer/user agent...
2019-01-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-01-04 Sarah HoffmannRemove postcodes also from word table when they no...
2019-01-04 Sarah HoffmannDo not log file sizes in the index step on updates
2019-01-03 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-01-03 Sarah Hoffmanncorrectly discard partially matching duplicates
2018-12-11 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1263 from mtmail/add-new-postcodes...
2018-12-11 marc tobiasdocumentation: when updating GB postcodes, also run...
2018-12-06 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-12-06 Sarah Hoffmanntraverse address list backwards when computing admin...
2018-12-05 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-12-04 Sarah HoffmannDon't escape slashes in json output
2018-12-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1252 from mtmail/update-and-documen...
2018-12-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1255 from mtmail/faq-about-permanen...
2018-12-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1258 from lonvia/cleanup-utils
2018-12-03 marc tobiasExplain place_id, i.e. shouldn't be use as permanent id
2018-12-03 Marc Tobias... GB postcode: new conversion script, documentation
2018-12-02 Sarah HoffmannNo longer install phrase configuration
2018-12-02 Sarah HoffmannRemove server_compare from list of installed scripts
2018-12-02 Sarah HoffmannRemove settings/settings.php
2018-12-02 Sarah HoffmannRestructure script and website installation
2018-12-02 Sarah Hoffmannremove blocks script
2018-12-01 Sarah HoffmannMigration hint for address levels
2018-12-01 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-12-01 Sarah Hoffmannfixup typos and linking of data-source docs
2018-12-01 Sarah HoffmannMerge branch 'document-osm-country-grid' of https:...
2018-12-01 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1245 from lonvia/address-levels...
2018-11-29 marc tobiasdocument what country_osm_grid does
2018-11-28 Sarah Hoffmannfix tests
2018-11-28 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1251 from mtmail/remove-naturaleart...
2018-11-28 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1253 from RhinoDevel/patch-1
2018-11-28 RhinoDevelFix typo.
2018-11-27 Sarah Hoffmannuse consistent naming in doc pages
2018-11-27 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-11-27 Sarah HoffmannMove address level config into settings/
2018-11-27 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1250 from mtmail/correct-builddir...
2018-11-27 marc tobiastest/README.txt: BUILDDIR should be BUILD_DIR [SKIP CI]
2018-11-27 marc tobiasremove Natural Earth dataset
2018-11-26 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1247 from mtmail/exit-with-error...
2018-11-26 marc tobiassettings.php: when printing error, also exit with error...
2018-11-24 Sarah Hoffmannremove PHP parameter typing
2018-11-24 Sarah Hoffmanntravis: make sure to start with fresh template for...
2018-11-24 Sarah HoffmannAdd function to update address levels
2018-11-24 Sarah HoffmannAdd documentation for new ranking level configuration
2018-11-24 Sarah HoffmannMake rank assignments configurable
2018-11-24 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1237 from ckquentvp/fix-accept...
2018-11-24 nametest languages with underscores (e.g. ja_rm)
2018-11-24 Sarah Hoffmannfix variable name in setup --drop
2018-11-24 Sarah Hoffmannadd Makefile for tests
2018-11-21 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1242 from lonvia/import-for-reverse...
2018-11-21 Sarah Hoffmannadd documentation for reverse-only
2018-11-21 Sarah HoffmannAdd reverse-only parameter to setup
2018-11-21 Sarah Hoffmannsetup: add convenience function for executing SQL commands
2018-11-20 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1238 from lonvia/simplify-version...
2018-11-20 Sarah Hoffmannfix phpcs offences
2018-11-20 Sarah Hoffmannsimplify connection handling in setup script
2018-11-20 Sarah Hoffmannfix variable prefix
2018-11-20 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-11-18 Sarah HoffmannSimplify parsing of postgres and postgis versions
2018-11-18 Sarah HoffmannAlways ignore continents for addresses
2018-11-17 Sarah HoffmannRemove country and state nodes from address computation
2018-11-17 namematch languages such as ja_rm (or any other with unders...