3 days ago Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' master
3 days ago Sarah Hoffmannincrease limit when searching for street w/ house number
2018-10-02 Sarah Hoffmannfix permissions for CMakeLists.txt
2018-10-02 Sarah Hoffmannsimplify constructor of SetupFunctions
2018-10-02 Sarah HoffmannMerge branch 'updatePHP' of
2018-10-02 Sarah HoffmannMerge branch '201809-test-db' of
2018-09-30 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1193 from mtmail/postgresql-10...
2018-09-28 marc tobiasadjust BDD api test cases to 2018 test database
2018-09-27 marc tobiasalso install postgis.control for postgresql-10
2018-09-22 Sarah Hoffmanndocs: rewrite functions when migrating
2018-09-22 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1189 from mtmail/classtypes-unit...
2018-09-22 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1187 from mtmail/faq-about-pear...
2018-09-22 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1186 from mtmail/getAddressDetails-fix
2018-09-20 marc tobiasPHP unit tests for Nominatim\ClassTypes
2018-09-20 marc tobiasInstallation FAQ entry about a PHP warning that started...
2018-09-20 marc tobiasfix AddressDetails->getAddressDetails, add tests
2018-09-19 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1185 from mtmail/three-faq-entries
2018-09-19 marc tobiasthree further FAQ entries regarding timezone, continent...
2018-09-18 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-18 Sarah Hoffmannaddress tokens get a double search rank also as full...
2018-09-18 ThomasBarrisMerge branch 'updatePHP' of
2018-09-18 ThomasBarrischange variables for class SetupClass.php instantiation
2018-09-18 ThomasBarristypo
2018-09-17 ThomasBarrismove setupclass, move command line array, remove args...
2018-09-16 Mateusz Koniecznylink CONTRIBUTING file from README file
2018-09-16 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1180 from mtmail/php-testsuite...
2018-09-15 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1179 from mtmail/import-table-highe...
2018-09-15 marc tobiasmake PHP testsuite work with PHPUnit6
2018-09-15 marc tobiasimport_osmosis_log table: increase possible batch size
2018-09-10 Sarah Hoffmanndocs: remove tablespace placeholder from index commands
2018-09-08 ThomasBarrismoving comment to right position
2018-09-08 ThomasBarrismove checkModilePresence to class, delete own debug...
2018-09-05 ThomasBarrisformat change revert, removed bogus CL options, SetupCl...
2018-08-31 ThomasBarrismore format changes for Mr. Travis
2018-08-31 ThomasBarrisdelete an empty line to make the pendantic Mister Travi...
2018-08-31 ThomasBarrissmall fixes on setup.php and a bring update.php to...
2018-08-29 ThomasBarrissplitted createTables and changed formatting to please...
2018-08-29 ThomasBarrisfirst draft of setupClass
2018-08-26 Sarah Hoffmannprepare release 3.2.0
2018-08-26 Sarah Hoffmannadd migration for 3.2 version
2018-08-26 Sarah Hoffmannadd docs for class parameter in /details
2018-08-26 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1155 from lonvia/namespace-for...
2018-08-25 Sarah Hoffmannuse namespaces for PHPUnit classes
2018-08-24 Sarah Hoffmannfix quotes to make phpcs happy
2018-08-24 Sarah Hoffmannadd vagrant and installation instructions for ubuntu 18
2018-08-24 ThomasBarrismoving functions from setup.php to a lib file in lib...
2018-08-23 Sarah Hoffmanncleanup documentation
2018-08-23 Sarah HoffmannMute notices from postgresql during setup
2018-08-23 Sarah Hoffmannimprove wording of error message
2018-08-23 Sarah HoffmannMerge branch 'customPHP1' of
2018-08-23 Sarah Hoffmannfix links in details documentation
2018-08-23 ThomasBarrisjust add missing semicolon in importWikipedia.php line 312
2018-08-23 ThomasBarrispush the right version of update.php
2018-08-23 ThomasBarrisdelete PHP_BIN from default and add @PHP_BIN@ to passth...
2018-08-23 ThomasBarrisRevert "Split of setup.php into one file with functions...
2018-08-23 ThomasBarrisRevert "code beauty improvements"
2018-08-22 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-22 Sarah Hoffmannignore linked country nodes for reverse geocoding
2018-08-22 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1151 from mtmail/documentation...
2018-08-22 Sarah Hoffmannfix warning in keyword output of details
2018-08-22 Sarah Hoffmannfix formatting
2018-08-22 ThomasBarriscode beauty improvements
2018-08-22 ThomasBarrisSplit of setup.php into one file with functions and...
2018-08-22 marc tobiasdocumentation for /details endpoint
2018-08-22 marc tobiasin /details JSON output add check if place (type) has...
2018-08-21 marc tobiasdocumentation for /details endpoint
2018-08-21 ThomasBarrisreplaced all shebangs in utility scripts with @PHP_BIN...
2018-08-20 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-20 Sarah Hoffmannimprove test coverage for reverse and debug output
2018-08-20 Sarah Hoffmannclean up reverse code
2018-08-20 Sarah Hoffmanndirectly do country search for reverse zoom < 5
2018-08-20 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1148 from mtmail/docs-review
2018-08-20 marc tobiassmall typos and wording in the API docs
2018-08-20 ThomasBarrisAllow custom locations for PHP binary - part 1
2018-08-19 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-19 Sarah Hoffmannreduce search radius when searching for nodes within...
2018-08-17 Sarah Hoffmannupdate osm2pgsql to latest master
2018-08-14 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1138 from mtmail/php-test-for-sqlVi...
2018-08-14 marc tobiastest for SearchContext::setViewboxFromBox
2018-08-13 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-13 Sarah HoffmannFix partial word computation
2018-08-13 Sarah Hoffmannreverse on street level should compute distance to...
2018-08-13 Sarah Hoffmannfix large viewbox computation
2018-08-11 Sarah Hoffmannadd FAQ from
2018-08-11 Sarah Hoffmannadd description of output of API
2018-08-11 Sarah Hoffmannclean up docs for lookup call
2018-08-09 Sarah Hoffmannclean up and format search documentation
2018-08-09 Sarah Hoffmannclean up and format search documentation
2018-08-08 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-08 Sarah Hoffmannfixup use of indexes for latest reverse changes
2018-08-05 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1111 from lonvia/remove-postcode...
2018-08-05 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-08-05 Sarah Hoffmanndefine types for null returns in PlaceLookup
2018-08-05 Sarah HoffmannDo not have postcode node appear in addresses directly
2018-08-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1110 from lonvia/remove-address...
2018-08-04 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1126 from lonvia/improve-country...
2018-08-04 Sarah Hoffmannimprove place node search when no areas found
2018-08-02 Sarah HoffmannMerge pull request #1095 from estadtherr/remote_postgres_pr
2018-08-01 Sarah Hoffmannfall back to debugInfo() for printing objects
2018-08-01 Sarah HoffmannMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'