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2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstfix word-wrap in "close changeset" dialogue
2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstremove debug stuff
2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstchange relation_member 'type' case, to match change...
2009-04-22 Thomas WoodFix multiple issues with links to /history from the...
2009-04-22 Shaun McDonaldFixing the create relation test, which now also tests...
2009-04-22 Tom HughesUse postgres interval syntax.
2009-04-22 Tom HughesThe active flag is still an integer for some reason...
2009-04-22 Shaun McDonaldadding the maximum number of elements in a changeset...
2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstbit more debug
2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstadd temporary relations debug code
2009-04-22 Richard Fairhurstremove Bavaria
2009-04-22 Shaun McDonaldfixing some of the relation tests. Some adjustments...
2009-04-21 Richard Fairhurstibid
2009-04-21 Frederik Rammthere is not HTML attribute named "padding". either...
2009-04-21 Matt AmosQuick and dirty fix for relation tags issue.
2009-04-21 Frederik Rammmodified "user" link in "recent changes" list to point...
2009-04-21 Richard Fairhurstfix id/relid inconsistency
2009-04-21 Tom HughesFixed search controller to have some chance of working.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesForce selection to fail when no traces match the tag.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesDon't generate an IN condition with an empty list.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesUse correct names for member types.
2009-04-21 Thomas WoodFix bbox display again, how do we keep mixing our lons...
2009-04-21 Matt AmosAdding more tests for updating relation tags.
2009-04-21 Matt AmosExtra test for updating relation tags.
2009-04-21 Matt AmosMore test fixes after fixture changes.
2009-04-21 Matt AmosFixed formatting and stuff in fixtures.
2009-04-21 Thomas WoodSlight performance improvement (a reported 2s) by skipp...
2009-04-21 Shaun McDonaldAdd new fixtures for testing multiple tags on a relation.
2009-04-21 Thomas WoodPedantic change to descriptive text - "Recently closed...
2009-04-21 Tom HughesAdd an expiry header to trace images.
2009-04-21 Shaun McDonaldHopefully fix the old_node_controller tests.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesAdd a geocoder backend.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesArrays have a length method, not a count method.
2009-04-21 Richard FairhurstMake error messages more helpful
2009-04-21 Richard FairhurstSplit out subscript to see which one is erroring
2009-04-21 Tom HughesConnect up the versioned capabilities call again.
2009-04-21 Richard FairhurstFix MySQL dependency
2009-04-21 Tom HughesAdd missing image.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesRemove reference to non-existent images.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesSwitch database config to postgresql.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesUpdate lighttpd config for 0.6 api.
2009-04-21 Tom HughesRemove explicit load of mysql and rails automatically...
2009-04-21 Tom HughesImprove comments.
2009-04-21 Grant Slaternginx fix expiry to actually work on images/javascripts/etc
2009-04-20 Tom HughesPull in block rules from the lighttpd config.
2009-04-20 Thomas WoodEnsure :not_found status is returned, catching RecordNo...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesGive munin access to some statistics.
2009-04-20 Thomas WoodExpose relation version to api and fix remaining server...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesIncrease fastcgi timeout to 300s for bulk api requests.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRemove trailing whitespace.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesStrip asset tags from user images.
2009-04-20 Thomas WoodFix bug introduced in r14610 (.downcase in wrong place)
2009-04-20 Tom HughesDetabify.
2009-04-20 Grant Slaternginx fixes, including http://api.openstreetmap/0.6...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRemove location block from abuse placeholder so it...
2009-04-20 Shaun McDonaldfix bug in the case of the action in the data browser...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRestrict 7 day expiry on /export to just the embed...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesReturn 404 for unknown API versions instead of 403.
2009-04-20 Shaun McDonaldApply patch by Lars from osm dev list with the typo
2009-04-20 Tom HughesStrip asset tags from public files.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMove access_log configuration.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesTidy things up and fix a few errors.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRemove tabs.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesAdd missing semicolon.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRemove private data.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesConvert to unix newlines.
2009-04-20 Grant Slaternginx syntax tweaks
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRewrite /0.n/... as /api/0.n/... for the api virtual...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesAdd some extra indexes to the changesets table.
2009-04-20 Grant Slatercorrect nginx syntax
2009-04-20 Grant Slaterinitial untest nginx config. API 0.6 tweaking still...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesAdd missing files from api06 merge.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesAdd changeset indexes to nodes, ways and relations.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesAdd a user index to the changeset table.
2009-04-20 Grant Slateradd mongrel_cluster config for potential usage later
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge vendor tree from api06 branch.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesRemove plugin externals.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge api06 branch to trunk.
2009-04-19 Thomas WoodAdd condition for user not found in trace controller.
2009-04-19 Thomas WoodFix map in IE by deferring Vector layer addition to...
2009-04-19 Tom HughesReverse order of marker and vector layers to stop the...
2009-04-19 Tom HughesDon't register a setHome handler unless we have the...
2009-04-19 Tom HughesSend replies to the right user. Closes #1720.
2009-04-18 Shaun McDonaldFixing some of the tests, adding the new tests to make...
2009-04-18 Tom HughesRemove trailing comma to make IE happy.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesReject uploads unless the user has made their edits...
2009-04-16 Tom HughesFixed to work with merged changes to api availability...
2009-04-16 Tom HughesHandle MySQL/Postgres boolean differences.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesMerge 14394:14533 from trunk.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesHandle differences in interval constant formatting.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesCope with MySQL and Postgres.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesWork out which session store class to use automatically.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesFix statistics script to work with 0.6 database schema.
2009-04-15 Shaun McDonaldRailsify the relation member model, type attribute...
2009-04-15 Tom HughesFix database check in browse controller.
2009-04-15 Tom HughesFix spelling mistake.
2009-04-14 Tom HughesAdd a "database readonly" state that allows all writes...
2009-04-14 Shaun McDonaldShould have a .new when raising error
2009-04-14 Shaun McDonaldRemove function that is in the test help from functiona...
2009-04-14 Shaun McDonaldRemove function that is in the test help from functiona...