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2022-05-21 Tom HughesIncrease alerting threshold for CPU pressure
2022-05-20 Tom HughesSwitch bytemark to use snap-02 as readonly database
2022-05-19 Tom HughesInstall promscale extension via apt
2022-05-19 Tom HughesUpdate promscale to 0.11.0 with extension 0.5.0
2022-05-19 Tom HughesTune autovaccum for promscale
2022-05-19 Tom HughesAdd an alert for chef not running for an extended time
2022-05-19 Tom HughesOnly alert for failed chef-client services if they...
2022-05-19 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 17.10.3
2022-05-19 Tom HughesRemove roles for gorynych and trogdor
2022-05-19 Tom HughesDisable munin email alerting
2022-05-17 Tom HughesMark parent directories for git repositories as safe
2022-05-17 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 4.10.0
2022-04-29 Tom HughesUpdate osmdbt to v0.5
2022-04-28 Tom HughesUpdate repo configuration for Wikibase
2022-04-28 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 4.9.1
2022-04-26 Tom HughesUse new style extension loading for Wikibase
2022-04-26 Tom HughesUpdate client configuration for Wikibase
2022-04-26 Tom HughesUpdate wiki to mediawiki 1.37
2022-04-24 Grant Slaterimagery: use leaflet.locatecontrol from jsdelivr
2022-04-24 Grant SlaterRevert "imagery: add locatejs image assets"
2022-04-24 Grant Slaterimagery: add locatejs image assets
2022-04-24 Grant Slaterimagery: update to leaflet 1.8.0
2022-04-23 Tom HughesDisable installation of wp-sticky wordpress plugin
2022-04-23 Tom HughesDisable installation of geporess wordpress plugin
2022-04-23 Tom HughesReplace google-sitemap-generator with www-xml-sitemap...
2022-04-23 Tom HughesUse wordpress API to check plugin versions
2022-04-23 Tom HughesSwitch wordpress version check to use the JSON API
2022-04-23 Tom HughesAdjust sandbox for otrs service
2022-04-22 Tom HughesRun the OTRS daemon as a systemd service
2022-04-21 Grant SlaterGH action cancel replaced in-progress runs
2022-04-18 Grant Slatercommunity: Update discourse to v2.8.3
2022-04-14 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 4.9.0
2022-04-14 Grant Slatercommunity: failsafe always try start web_only container
2022-04-13 Grant Slatercommunity: remove docker manager plugin, fully managed...
2022-04-13 Grant Slatercommunity: fix data start typo
2022-04-13 Grant Slatergithub actions: Switch to action ruby/setup-ruby from...
2022-04-13 Grant Slatercommunity: Use asynchronous bootstap for web_only container
2022-04-13 Grant Slatercommunity: add discourse-translator
2022-04-12 Tom HughesEnable overwrite protection for WAL archiving
2022-04-12 Tom HughesDrop promscale-maintenace service as it is no longer...
2022-04-03 Tom HughesRemove PDF cleanup from planet dump script as there...
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: Allow apiThumbCacheExpiry caching
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: tune wikimediacommons Foreign settings
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: clean remove of QuickInstantCommons
2022-04-03 GrantRevert "mediawiki: add QuickInstantCommons extension"
2022-04-03 GrantRevert "mediawiki: use master branch for QuickInstantCo...
2022-04-03 GrantRevert "mediawiki: Use QuickInstantCommons to enable...
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: Use QuickInstantCommons to enable commons
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: use master branch for QuickInstantCommons...
2022-04-03 Grant Slatermediawiki: add QuickInstantCommons extension
2022-03-31 Grant Slateropenssh: disable password authentication by default...
2022-03-30 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: add two more servers for gnome
2022-03-25 Tom HughesAdd planet role to horntail and norbert
2022-03-24 Tom HughesDeploy 2022 State of the Map site
2022-03-23 Grant Slatercommunity: Bump discourse to v2.8.2
2022-03-23 Grant Slatercommunity: Add communities alias
2022-03-21 Grant Slatersupybot: fix cgimap repo links
2022-03-21 Grant Slatersupybot: fix git branches to follow
2022-03-21 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/488'
2022-03-21 dependabot... Bump actions/cache from 2.1.7 to 3
2022-03-21 Tom HughesAvoid template expansion errors
2022-03-21 Tom HughesAllow piwik to use LOAD DATA INFILE for improved perfor...
2022-03-21 Tom HughesSwitch piwik database to utf8mb4
2022-03-21 Tom HughesBlock access to some piwik internals
2022-03-21 Tom HughesUpdate piwik plugins list
2022-03-20 Tom HughesInstall systemd-coredump everywhere
2022-03-20 Tom HughesCopy planetdump output to admins list
2022-03-17 Tom HughesAdd antonkh as a user on dev
2022-03-13 Tom HughesConfigure prometheus scraping for discourse servers
2022-03-13 Tom HughesAdd prometheus plugin to discourse
2022-03-12 Grant Slatercommunity: fix backup script typo
2022-03-12 Tom HughesExpire discourse backups
2022-03-12 Grant Slatercommunity: Add initial backup script
2022-03-11 Grant Slatercommunity: dummy change to retry chef update
2022-03-11 Grant Slatercommunity: fix order of triggers, data before web
2022-03-11 Grant SlaterSwitch community role from lockheed -> jakelong
2022-03-11 Grant Slaterexim: web auto-reply mention community site
2022-03-11 Grant Slatercommunity: route mail to jakelong
2022-03-10 Tom HughesFix noreply body lookup
2022-03-10 Tom HughesRemove render server role from rhaegal
2022-03-10 Grant Slatermail: fix typo on community.openstreetmap.org domain
2022-03-10 Grant Slatermail: improve config key
2022-03-10 Grant Slatercommunity: add mail receiver API key
2022-03-10 Grant Slatercommunity: fix acme cert redirect. Add DB backup
2022-03-10 Grant Slatercommunity: fix certificate paths
2022-03-10 Grant Slatercommunity: workaround git tag checkout bug
2022-03-10 Grant SlaterUse dedicated port for discourse mail-receiver service
2022-03-10 Grant SlaterImprove community autoreply text
2022-03-10 Grant SlaterAdd email handling and fixes
2022-03-10 Grant SlaterExtend chef discourse/community management
2022-03-10 Tom HughesUpdate promscale extension to 0.3.2
2022-03-10 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 4.8.0
2022-03-09 Tom HughesForce database drops on postgres versions which support it
2022-03-09 Tom HughesStop rails-jobs service when cleaning up old APIs
2022-03-09 Tom HughesMake sure old APIs are cleaned up on dev
2022-03-08 Tom HughesDrop kernel tuning parameter that is not supported...
2022-03-07 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/486'
2022-03-07 Jochen TopfDo not create temporary planet file when update was...
2022-03-07 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/485'
2022-03-07 dependabot... Bump cookstyle from 7.32.0 to 7.32.1