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2019-12-03 Grant Slatersquid: use systemd killmode mixed
2019-12-03 Grant Slatersystemd: add killmode support
2019-12-03 Tom HughesAdd role for naga
2019-12-03 Tom HughesRemove unused role
2019-12-02 Grant Slaterntp: allow large steps on VMs
2019-12-02 Grant Slaterntp: allow anytime time step on VMs
2019-12-01 Grant Slatertimesync - fix action typo
2019-12-01 Grant SlaterForceful open-vm-tools timeSync disable
2019-12-01 Grant SlaterDisable host time sync on VMware guests
2019-12-01 Grant Slatersupybot: add switch2osm
2019-12-01 Grant Slaterserverinfo: fix copy/paste error
2019-12-01 Grant Slaterserverinfo: Use bundler to run jekyll
2019-12-01 Grant SlaterInstall open-vm-tools on VMware guests
2019-12-01 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: keep update logs for a year
2019-11-28 Grant Slaterswitch2osm: add 404 handler page
2019-11-28 Grant SlaterRevert "switch2osm: add temporary workaround until...
2019-11-28 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.13.0
2019-11-27 Grant Slaterswitch2osm: add temporary workaround until for missing...
2019-11-27 Grant Slaterswitch2osm: use override config to fix site name
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterSwitch 2 new switch2osm.org site
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterUpdate virtio_blk udev with note
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterFix device model for VMware
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterTune scheduler and read_ahead_kb on VMware and KVM
2019-11-26 Tom HughesUpdate cookstyle todo
2019-11-26 Tom HughesFix cookstyle warning
2019-11-26 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2019-11-26 Grant Slaterlongma: move squid completely to new disk
2019-11-26 Grant Slaterlongma: use new store.new-san mount
2019-11-26 Grant Slatersquid: make version 4 default
2019-11-25 Grant SlaterRevert "tilecache: Use squid standby connections"
2019-11-25 Grant Slatersquid: also listen on secondary port 8080
2019-11-25 Grant Slatertilecache: tweak squid refresh_pattern
2019-11-25 Grant Slatertilecache: allow nginx to fallback to other caches
2019-11-25 Grant Slatersquid: force restart on config change. Reload unsafe
2019-11-25 Grant Slatersquid: tune number workers cpu
2019-11-25 Grant Slatersquid: use manager port mgr:counters
2019-11-25 Tom HughesAdd units to dns_packet_max directive
2019-11-24 Tom HughesAllow AF_INET6 for squid
2019-11-24 Grant Slatersquid: DNS tuning
2019-11-24 Grant Slatertilecache: fix limit supported request methods
2019-11-24 Grant Slatertilecache: limit supported request methods
2019-11-24 Tom HughesDrop rails6 test site
2019-11-23 Grant SlaterAdd a systemd-resolved FallbackDNS list
2019-11-23 Grant SlaterCleanup Dockerfile used for linting
2019-11-22 Tom HughesTell browsers they can use stale tiles
2019-11-22 Grant Slatertilecache: restrict cache control headers to osm.org...
2019-11-22 Grant SlaterRevert "tilecache: restrict cache control headers to...
2019-11-22 Grant Slatertilecache: restrict cache control headers to osm.org...
2019-11-22 Grant Slatertilecache: remove additional cache poisoning header
2019-11-22 Grant Slatertilecache: remove cache poisoning headers
2019-11-20 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: update link to wikipedia data
2019-11-19 Grant Slatergorynych: use ssd for tilecache
2019-11-19 Grant Slatertilecache: balance localhost backend
2019-11-19 Grant Slatertilecache: allow TCP tw reuse
2019-11-17 Grant SlaterAdd standard gitconfig for user grant
2019-11-17 Grant Slatertilecache: Fix logrotate erb typo
2019-11-17 Tom HughesReduce memory cache size on necrosan
2019-11-17 Grant Slatertilecache: compress logs with multiple threads
2019-11-17 Grant SlaterBetter CPU/IO scheduling for cron on tilecaches
2019-11-15 Tom HughesReduce memory cache size on sarkany
2019-11-14 Tom HughesIncrease CPU temperature warning thresholds on rhaegal
2019-11-14 Tom HughesRemount /dev/shm if the size is changed
2019-11-14 Tom HughesRemvoe temporary hack to restart squid after /dev/shm...
2019-11-12 Tom HughesRestart squid if /dev/shm entries are missing
2019-11-12 Tom HughesDon't remount /dev/shm on change
2019-11-12 Tom HughesIncrease shared memory limit on various caches
2019-11-12 Tom HughesIncrease shared memory limit for katie
2019-11-10 Tom HughesReduce memory cache on keizer and nepomuk
2019-11-09 Tom HughesRemove sibling lists for tile caches
2019-11-09 Tom HughesDrop squid references from wiki cookbook
2019-11-09 Grant Slatertilecache: Use squid standby connections
2019-11-08 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.24.1
2019-11-08 Tom HughesRemove role for naga
2019-11-08 Tom HughesUse google DNS for jakelong
2019-11-08 Tom HughesSwitch jakelong to squid 4
2019-11-07 Tom HughesSwitch longma to squid 4
2019-11-07 Tom HughesSwitch kalessin, katie, keizer and konqi to squid 4
2019-11-07 Tom HughesSwitch necrosan, nepomuk, noomoahk and norbert to squid 4
2019-11-07 Tom HughesReduce cache memory limit on chrysophylax and sarkany
2019-11-06 Grant Slatertile: enable apache ListenCoresBucketsRatio
2019-11-06 Tom HughesCorrect disk cache size on drogon and gorynych
2019-11-06 Tom HughesSwitch chrysophylax, simurgh, vipertooth and viserion...
2019-11-06 Tom HughesSwitch cmok, drogon, gorynych and sarkany to squid 4
2019-11-06 Tom HughesIncrease task limit for apache on nominatim servers
2019-11-06 Tom HughesReduce memory cache limit on trogdor
2019-11-06 Tom HughesReduce memory cache limit on rimfaxe
2019-11-06 Grant SlaterDockerfile: Add basic comment
2019-11-06 Grant SlaterAdd basic .editorconfig file
2019-11-06 Grant SlaterFix ip_local_port_range idempotency
2019-11-06 Grant Slaternginx: allow custom cache folder path, apply on longma
2019-11-05 Grant Slaternominatim: use apache ListenCoresBucketsRatio
2019-11-05 Grant Slaternominatim: apache use async_request_worker_factor
2019-11-05 Tom HughesSwitch angor, balerion, tuatara and waima to squid 4
2019-11-05 Tom HughesSwitch culebre, fafnir, ladon and trogdor to squid 4
2019-11-05 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: increase server limit
2019-11-05 Tom HughesAdd test site for rails 6
2019-11-04 Grant Slatersotm: support sotm.org short domain
2019-11-04 Tom HughesSwitch nidhogg, ridgeback and rimfaxe to squid 4
2019-11-04 Tom HughesTune cache size on saphira
2019-11-04 Grant Slaternginx: access_log add required buffer= param