Update to rails
[rails.git] / Dockerfile
2021-04-29 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/3029'
2021-04-08 Andy AllanMerge pull request #1558 from plarus/master
2021-02-24 Andy AllanMerge branch 'pull/3091'
2021-02-17 Andy AllanMerge pull request #3083 from migurski/migurski/docker...
2021-02-13 Michal MigurskiAdded explanatory notes and comments
2021-02-03 Andy AllanMerge pull request #2409 from jalessio/docker-compose...
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiAdded /home/osm/traces and /home/osm/images to persiste...
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiCreate directories for traces and images
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiAdded complete Rails test suite
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiMigrated from ruby:2.7 Docker image to ubuntu:20.04
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiExpanded yarn call to fix test failure
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiBumped Ruby version to 2.7 to match CI config
2021-01-28 Michal MigurskiReplaced raw PGSQL testing file with Osmosis-driven...
2021-01-28 Jamie Alessioput osmosis installation back
2021-01-28 Jamie AlessioSimplify Dockerfile
2021-01-28 Jamie AlessioIntroduce docker-compose config for development