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Handle public flag for GPX creation properly.
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2007-06-25 Tom HughesSet the log level correctly for the custom logger.
2007-06-25 Tom HughesImplement a custom log class to make the log more readable.
2007-06-10 Tom HughesChange server_settings to smtp_settings to avoid deprec...
2007-05-29 Steve Coastvarious things from TomH
2007-05-12 Steve Coastup the suicide age
2007-05-10 Steve Coastapi fixes
2007-05-09 Steve Coastvarious fixes
2007-05-08 Nick Blackfixes ticket 434
2007-05-07 Steve Coastcleanup
2007-05-06 Steve Coastupdates from hacking day
2007-04-22 Steve Coastclose #411 segments should not be allowed where node_a...
2007-04-07 Steve Coastmove to rails 1.2.3 and make the map use all the window...
2007-03-31 Dan MooreAPI 0.4: Update rails version to match dev.openstreetma...
2007-03-23 Dan MooreAPI 0.4 Updates - work on traces pages + pagination...
2007-01-14 Immanuel Scholz- replaced hardcoded www.openstreetmap.org with environ...
2006-11-27 Steve Coastvarious map API rails stuff
2006-11-17 Steve Coastget new slippy map in rails
2006-07-28 Steve Coastsome more rails stuff
2006-07-28 Steve Coastadd config, rm logs (why does rails do this!?)