fix dragging, add some new pois (already!)
[rails.git] / lib / daemons /
2007-08-25 Tom HughesReplace the old session cleanup daemon with a new scrip...
2007-08-23 Tom HughesThere's no point importing a trace that is scheduled...
2007-08-22 Tom HughesPut the option to delete GPS traces back. Fixes #405.
2007-07-16 Tom HughesFix exception handling in GPX importer.
2007-06-14 Tom HughesMake as executable.
2007-06-14 Tom HughesCheck for GPX files to import every five minutes.
2007-06-14 Tom HughesAdd a daemon to cleanup stale sessions.
2007-06-09 Tom HughesRefactor GPX import code to make reimporting old traces...
2007-05-29 Steve Coastvarious things from TomH
2007-05-24 Steve Coastapply patch from TomH for #477 and dont require http...
2007-05-10 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2007-05-06 Steve Coastupdates from hacking day
2007-04-07 Steve Coastfix import bug, make points commify
2007-03-23 Dan MooreAPI 0.4 Updates - work on traces pages + pagination...
2006-12-06 Steve Coastvarious gpx rails things
2006-12-01 Steve Coastlots of rails gpx stuff
2006-12-01 Steve Coastgpx insert now works
2006-12-01 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2006-12-01 Steve Coastadd daemons