Updated comment to reflect implementation.
[rails.git] / app / views / site / _key.rhtml
2008-05-03 Gabriel Ebnersplit_node_tags: Merge changes from main branch.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMerge 7296:7427 from export branch to trunk.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesMerged 7296:7388 from rails_port trunk.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAjaxify the export tab.
2007-12-05 Tom HughesUse the z13 key for z13 and over.
2007-10-28 Tom HughesFix tab breakage and make key update as zoom level...
2007-10-28 Richard Fairhurstkeys change depending on zoom level; force 210px sideba...
2007-10-08 Tom HughesSplit out sidebar code from the search code so it can...